Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Antique Lamp

As we have gone from nice cool weather back to HOT weather I am staying inside today and getting a few things done to keep from going in and out the hot weather which I am not a fan of.
Now if there is a wonderful vintage sale or estate sale i'll get right out there.


I am trial packing for my trip to Europe in a couple weeks.I think I have 5 pieces of luggage out and they are all to large for a carry on now. They have changed from 23 inch to 22 inch carry ons on airlines now I am told.
We are told to pack everything we need like change clothes,toiletries,jacket, pajamas in our carry ons due to the fact sometimes every tour group persons luggage does not arrive and you have to make due with what you have with you.
We travel from Philadelphia to Munich Germany then Croatia then to Bosnia, then 3 hour bus ride to our little mountain town.
On our way back we leave Bosnia to Croatia to Paris France then back to Philadelphia then home to Kansas City Mo . I really hope we can be in Paris airport long enough to grab a few souvenirs. We only have 1 hour between planes

Isn't this sweet I found it last week n a resale shop for $8
     Here is a sweet little ironstone pitcher I have moved all around my house and it's back in the kitchen now.
This is what made me bring my little dishes with the roses on them back to the kitchen

 I am putting the lamp and rose dishes on my shabby chic chippy kitchen cabinet, look at the little boy and his dog on the base of this lamp, so sweet, the base is heavy iron

 The white glass shade with roses is not original to this old oil lamp someone electrified it years ago. I made take off the electric part and make it an oil lamp again

I love the glass part where you put the oil for the lamp there is some dried in the bottom which I am going to get cleaned out some how? The red looking stuff.

In this picture you can see where the new electrified part has been added , you can always tell it's been electrified when the electric cord come out from the top of the base.

Stay cool and enjoy your Labor Day weekend

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  1. Love your new lamp! That trip has quite an itinerary and hope there will be lots of photos and fun finds along the way!

  2. Beautiful lamp and I love the glass base! I thought the red part was part of the decor of it. I can't wait to read all about your trip!!! Bon voyage!!!

  3. What a pretty lamp! Love the pitcher and plate too, I agree to hot to go out. Looks like maybe next week will be cooler. Anxious to hear about your trip plans!

  4. The lamp is beautiful! What a treasure for the price. Your trip sounds fabulous! After spending 30 years with a major airline, it is so very true about the luggage. Sad, but true! Be sure and place any prescriptions you might have in a plastic baggie so they can be seen and of course, in your carry on. Toiletries, meds, underwear and a change of clothes is wise. Take your own pillow and blanket, along with a pair of socks. Don't ever use the pillows * blankets on the plane. Having socks will help you to be comfortable. :) Drink plenty of fluids too. I hope you have a marvelous trip and we'll all look forward to photos when you return!


  5. Oh Janice, that lamp is adorable! Did you get it at the Assistance League? How exciting about your trip, I know you will be glad you went after all is said and done! So you just go and have a great time!

  6. Such lovely florals - delightful for home decor! Have a grand trip.


  7. Janice your trip sounds so fabulous. Love the lamp. Lots of character. Gorgeous.

  8. Hi Janice! Your lamp is awesome! Love the base of it with the boy and his dog, very sweet. Have a wonderful time on your European tour! It's so exciting. Yes be sure you have essentials in your carry-on. You never know what could happen. I think it's a pain dragging a bag around but would have been really glad to have a change of clothes just in case. There are duty-free shops in the Paris airport! I purchased some adorable Eiffel tower salt and pepper shakers there. You'll love it! Blessings and traveling mercies, Edie Marie and Marie Antoinette

  9. What beautiful finds! The lamp is drop dead gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. These pictures are beautiful! I love vintage lamps! Enjoy your trip. It sounds like it will be exciting!

    Mrs. White

  11. Beautiful lamp, so pretty! Thanks for visiting :) Love your etsy shop.