Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jadeite Nesting Bowls

Morning ladies and gentlemen. The weather here is so nice now and I am pricing a few things for my yard sale next Monday. Yes on a Monday my neighbor and I are both home Monday and we are going for it. We have a lot of traffic on our street and we just set things out and cars stop. I will list it on Craigs list also

 Nothing much from my house I just can't sell my vintage items for 50 cents or a dollar. I do much better at the winter Inside Garage sale at a convention center here in town, which is usually early February or March.

As I was looking in cabinets to clean out a few extra pots and pans I spotted my jadeite nesting bowls bowls which I just can't let go of, yet.

I have had these for several years and still like them. and use them once in a while.
This is a shelf just stuffed with odds and ends 

I always like this little bowl with name Rosemary on it since that is my Mom's name. It was a set of little herb bowls . As they say Have a Good Day and enjoy this cooler weather here in Missouri

I always think of Rosemary at Villabarnes also when I see this little bowl 

How do you spell jadite or jadeite ? 

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Friday, August 21, 2015


I am really wanting to make a book of lace and can't seem to get started on it. I have all these ideas running in my head while i'm at work then when I get home I just want to sit in my big chair or lay on the bed and watch the news.
I guess i'm going to have to quit reading the blogs where the stay at home gals are creating beautiful things out of lace and old dollies etc. I just want to leave work and get to work on my lace projects.

I have suit cases full of odds and ends of beautiful vintage  lace so no problem having enough to do a project. I just need a friend to work with to keep the creative juices flowing .

Changing subjects, I'm sending President Jimmy Carter a card to encourage him with his battle with cancer. I'm sure he will get 1000's of cards and mine won't even get read but sending it anyway


I plan on getting a couple projects done this weekend.

I sold my Round Iron bed and need to get the studio straighten up before the gal come over to get the bed. She is driving over from Illinois . My studio has piles for the next yard my neighbor and I are having on a Monday this time? I know crazy but we are both off work on Mondays. Saturday in our neighborhood is not good. During the week there is lots traffic

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sorting Stuff

I just walked around the house and took pictures of what I have sitting around trying to figure out what to move and what to pack away.
This Flo Blue pitcher goes with a large bowl which is full of sea shells now in another room sitting under my high boy chest in my home office. I have always loved blue and white dishes and have used them for all sorts of things. I use this pitcher for a flower vase a lot, years ago I had peacock feathers in it.

This picture is really fuzzy, I raised my blinds in the living room to get a picture of this wall unit that I am wanting to redo. I am looking for a large bakers rack to display all of my Louis Vuitton luggage on in a bedroom and get it out of the living room. Then I think I'll keep the top of this open and clear of clutter,clear of gorgeous clutter that is. LOL

Did you hear on one of the talk shows that LOL for laughing out loud was old saying now? on text or twitter etc,to use he he he he he or ha ha ha ha ha ????? just thought i'd throw that in for conversation

This is my toile de juoy settee in from of my TV cabinet that I love and loved it when I first seen it in a furniture store in Kansas and squeezed it in my PT Cruiser I had at the time and brought it home, then a friend helped me cover the round ottoman I had with material to match the settee

Just some crystal prisms I was sorting through to put them in a jar and pack away, I got all these when I was looking for chandeliers for my house I bought odd crystal prisms at sales to have as extra pieces if needed. Now I don't need them, love seeing them laying on this victorian beaded footstool.

I know I'm not the only gal with a lot of extra things to tuck away? right?
And I had really nothing of interest today just chatter 

I'm going out this weekend and look for a large Bakers rack  to paint white 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Year Blog Anniversary

 Well as of August 10th I will have been blogging about treasures and stuff for 5 years LOL.

I think the most enjoyable posts I read was about the Marie Antoinette phase we all went through. I just loved all the parties and all the mannequins dressed as Marie Antoinette. All the glitz  and glamour, just loved it.  I loved seeing the costumes also in this movie                                                                        

                     Adorable outfits  and shoes                                                                                    
I pretended I had fancy pair of Marie  Antoinette shoes . I had an old pair of 1960's shoes I painted with  pink latex paint,added the fanciest pair of shoe clips I had and was ready for a party . I made a pink ballgown also, draped it over one of my mannequins                                          

Just pretending you know, since in the movie she had some beautiful pink gowns and shoes
 This is a Marie Antoinette looking  doll and her swan  I purchased to hang from a chandelier

I also loved all the chandeliers bloggers were buying and sharing on their blogs, which I still have all 4 of mine still hanging. My header has my first chandelier showing .

Excuse I need to rest now on my satin covered daybed of fine French silks in my satin teal gown while I enjoy my Blogaversary xoxo 

Did you watch the movie and just love all the clothes and shoes and scenery like me? 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Rag Dolls

I am really trying to get my studio back in some kind of order since my last flash flood where water ran in under my back door and covered my studio floor. What a disaster. I have mopped it twice now and still it needs to be gone over again.
Anyway as I was moving things around I got to thinking about where I got my little rag dolls and how I have redressed all of them except for the angel doll with sticks for wings.
This first little doll is a painted leather face doll I got at a art show in Mt Vernon Illinois , Arts In The Park I think it was called way back in 1990's


I know this is not popular anymore but I can't help but still think they are cute.
This doll I redressed her in old white dollies because I wanted everything in my  playstudio white or painted white,I even made her a necklace since at the time I was trying my hand at making altered art jewelry necklaces.

This is the old country angel from years gone by, see her button on her cap ,which I can't believe I didn't change it to a white button

Here is a little  pitiful doll I made I guess back in the 1980's LOL I even put her little hair knots on, she has two old baby dresses on her. I can't believe she hasn't gone in a yard sale to  trash can

 I have two of the painted face dolls so one I dressed as a ballerina

They are hanging from a antique coat rack

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