Friday, August 14, 2015

Sorting Stuff

I just walked around the house and took pictures of what I have sitting around trying to figure out what to move and what to pack away.
This Flo Blue pitcher goes with a large bowl which is full of sea shells now in another room sitting under my high boy chest in my home office. I have always loved blue and white dishes and have used them for all sorts of things. I use this pitcher for a flower vase a lot, years ago I had peacock feathers in it.

This picture is really fuzzy, I raised my blinds in the living room to get a picture of this wall unit that I am wanting to redo. I am looking for a large bakers rack to display all of my Louis Vuitton luggage on in a bedroom and get it out of the living room. Then I think I'll keep the top of this open and clear of clutter,clear of gorgeous clutter that is. LOL

Did you hear on one of the talk shows that LOL for laughing out loud was old saying now? on text or twitter etc,to use he he he he he or ha ha ha ha ha ????? just thought i'd throw that in for conversation

This is my toile de juoy settee in from of my TV cabinet that I love and loved it when I first seen it in a furniture store in Kansas and squeezed it in my PT Cruiser I had at the time and brought it home, then a friend helped me cover the round ottoman I had with material to match the settee

Just some crystal prisms I was sorting through to put them in a jar and pack away, I got all these when I was looking for chandeliers for my house I bought odd crystal prisms at sales to have as extra pieces if needed. Now I don't need them, love seeing them laying on this victorian beaded footstool.

I know I'm not the only gal with a lot of extra things to tuck away? right?
And I had really nothing of interest today just chatter 

I'm going out this weekend and look for a large Bakers rack  to paint white 

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  1. Not in the least i was looking at my home its overwhelmed with teapot and dishes and i thought of my... I think its time to pack up some items and stop buying .. Love Blue and White too.. Happy weekend with love Janice

  2. Oh my the pitcher is gorgeous, and so is the settee! You have some beautiful things:-)

  3. I love the settee! Wish you would show more of it, and maybe you have in the past?

  4. Hi Janice! :)
    Visiting you back!
    I love that pitcher! My aunt had a huge Flo Blue collection, ever since I was little and would visit her home I was mesmerized by all the blue and white she had...I think that's why I love it so much now!
    The settee is beautiful too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. What a great settee! The fabric looks like one of my favorite toiles, too.

  6. Hi Janice! Wish I was there sorting through your stuff with you! :) How fun! You have a beaded footstool?! Is it for sale? Or have you already tried to sell it to me? You know I love those things. Your TV cabinet looks so good with all those Staffordshire dogs, love it! Speaking of dogs, we adopted one today!
    Talk to you soon,

  7. Oh, the settee is wonderful, and also those Staffie dogs. ;-)

  8. You've got some nice luggage! I think storing it in your bedroom will be a good idea. Yes, I heard that LOL is no longer "cool". I still use it though. Guess I'm not cool anymore.

  9. I have lots of 'debris' as my husband calls it! I did so enjoy looking at YOURS!!! Beautiful - all of it!

  10. A lovely visit for Pink Saturday but I have to confess, I love your BLUE water pitcher/vase the best. I do LOVE blue :)