Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. I am in the kitchen cooking and waiting for my family to come over for noon dinner. We always eat early in the day so we can go back several times to  make sure we didn't miss anything.LOL
I have the Macy's Day Parade on also while stirring and watching things in the oven .
A long shot of my table for today

Monday, November 24, 2014

Recycle Santa

 Om My Gosh what a dreary rainy dark weekend I had here in Columbia. I can not get motivated to do anything but shop on rainy days LOL. I did stay home and try to clean house for Thanksgiving but that didn't go very far or long. I ate all weekend and took naps did a little laundry.
Yesterday I was getting some of my clothes out to donate to a needy cause and found this sweat shirt my youngest daughter had in high school. I have kept it all these years BECAUSE it has BUTTONS on it LOL and since I am a button hoarder just couldn't get rid of it.
I had the brilliant idea to make a pillow out of it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now isn't he adorable vintage looking ? This is from 1990? It's 8:00 am here and the sun just peaked out , it's going to be a good productive day here I can tell , now back to my story.
Look at his bearded button beard

I am sure I bought this at a Kings Daughter Holiday show here locally .
here is my pillow and I love it ! even if I have to say so myself, I knew I kept Button Santa all these years for some reason.

Now here is the finished picture of all my little trees with there bows on them.I found some great green tiny garland to put around the tree with multi colored little balls and used pieces of ribbons for all the others.
I think that was my most popular post all my little spool trees , THANKS 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project Day In The Studio

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and nice comments.
As I said previously I wanted to work on putting some little Christmas trees on top of vintage thread spools. I have seen some on different blogs and wanted to do my version.


Not all of them are decorated with their bows yet but just had to show them off. It was nice to have a morning at home to play, I added a burlap piece to this spool them added the burlap bowl I found at Target in the dollar bends


The glue still shows wet on a couple like the spice jar below, It still needs it's bow also, all the little trees are about 3 inches tall . I added some little glass beads in bottom of this jar 

I will add a bow to this one also, I added those little silver balls you decorate cookies with on this tree with silver around the spool, I cut a piece of glitter ribbon around this spool

I'll add a red glitter bow to this one since I sprinkled red glitter on the tree this is one of the thread spools I painted white 

I just love this old cocoa tin I bet I have had it several years and love the little tree I glued to it's top nothing else needed on this one

Which one do you like best?

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Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17

Hi everybody I wanted you to know I am going over and down the Medicare Hill LOL

It's my Birthday .

For some of you younger gals that sounds so old and it does to me also I can't believe I'm this,will say  Aged and Matured in life . LOL However real glad to still be here.

I took myself out for a fabulous evening dinner at the University Club in the Reynolds Alumni Center on campus  here where I work part time still. Friday evening)
Missouri Beef and St. James Wine Dinner

Standing Prime Rib Roast
Grilled Top Sirloin Roulade
Sliced Chilled Tenderloin on Croustades also much more
Wines from St James Winery
Recipes from Chef Daniel Pliska's  Newly authored Pastry and Dessert Book

Wines from St James Winery and it was all red wine and my favorite for the evening was Norton red wine, first red wine I ever really enjoyed.

Then tonight birthday cake and ice cream , my 7 year old Grandson made my cake LOL he  loves to bake and I know it will have sprinkle's all over it , just like I like it

I'm in the studio this morning working on a few little projects, I am making spool Christmas trees where you put a little bottle brush tree on a wood thread spool. I don't have pictures to show yet. These things below I made last year and put them on the table for inspiration

I love all the things we put in old jars , this is a vintage peanut butter jar with a little fluted tin in bottle for boot to set on.
I have a few errands to do this morning so I know I won't get my fun projects completed but will still be working on them, I want to make a pretty tag off all white and I have plenty of white vintage material and lace to use.
Thanks for stopping by on my special day


I just love this little white cotton ball tree I got at Target a few couple years ago

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


OMgosh I drove up to Kansas City this morning and there was snow on the roofs of houses along Interstate 70 once I got to Blue Springs around Independence and Lees' Summit.
I went to my sisters at Lees' Summit for a quick visit with another sister of mine. Then we drove to an auction house I put my entire set of crystal Iris & Herringbone dishes in.
I know you loose a lot $$$ putting items in auctions sometimes? but I am on a mission to clean out my house so I can redecorate or just move LOL

I am looking for my turkey plates to use for Thanksgiving and forgot which closet I put them in , I did find more brown and white transferware dishes I got from a Great Aunt and a platter I picked up at a resale shop once.

This ironstone platter that the oversize sugar and creamer is setting on matching the set
I am sure this set on my Great Aunt Ollie's kitchen table all the time I remember when I was a kid I thought all her old dishes was ugly now my sisters and I fight over who gets what and we trade dishes , do you all ever do that? Say I'll give you the brown transferware set if you will give me the old lamp she had etc? LOL well my sisters and I do this a lot LOL

This is a platter I found at a resale shop here in town , I'm ready to part with it however I find shipping dishes to be difficult and costly or it would put it in etsy
 Well I haven't found my pictures of my turkey transferware plates so will show you my brown speckled  graniteware/ enamelware coffee pot . I bought in an auction years ago in Glasgow Missouri a little river town. It was a 2 ring 2 day sale . Which I am sure some of you younger gals never went to such a sale? 

Ok I'm going to bed to watch TV and unwind from my busy fun day.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Beautiful Stuff (to me)

Gosh I was playing in the studio trying to make a white fabric book like Laurie over on the wonderful blog  Indulge Yourself does and anyway I found some pretties I had forgotten about .
So I wanted to show a few things I have hoarded a few years . This first picture is a fan I got from Victorian Trading Co A Bridal theme however  I liked it for it's beauty since I was no bride when I bought it .LOL  It's laying on some french china and few silver trays which I love. This picture looks pretty however my studio looks like a hoarders basement yard sale still.  No Hidden Treasures Sale

I need to clean all my silver plated trays also so bought some silver cleaner "Twinkle" yesterday while shopping on the Plaza in Kansas City. I went up to visit my sister and meet friends at Bo Lings for lunch.
I got up to look at receipt for the silver cleaner to spell the name of the store correct Sur La Table and can't find the silver cleaner so I guess I left it at my sisters. darn it .

Then this next picture is a few of my vintage tiara's and my hinged  heart box I bought on a trip to Portland Oregon once got it in a gift shop at Pioneer Square in a mall

My daughter in Portland got these swan  lipstick holders for me at an estate sale around Portland         Also had to show a couple of my gorgeous rhinestone buttons 

I have this little gold framed oil painting I got at a flea market type place for $3.00, I have had it on every wall and bookcase in my house at different times LOL It's setting on my Mom's cake plate just for a better picture , and my blue wall really shows up in this picture.
Not a lot to brag about today I know I need to get dressed and on with my busy schedule for today.

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