Monday, November 3, 2014

Beautiful Stuff (to me)

Gosh I was playing in the studio trying to make a white fabric book like Laurie over on the wonderful blog  Indulge Yourself does and anyway I found some pretties I had forgotten about .
So I wanted to show a few things I have hoarded a few years . This first picture is a fan I got from Victorian Trading Co A Bridal theme however  I liked it for it's beauty since I was no bride when I bought it .LOL  It's laying on some french china and few silver trays which I love. This picture looks pretty however my studio looks like a hoarders basement yard sale still.  No Hidden Treasures Sale

I need to clean all my silver plated trays also so bought some silver cleaner "Twinkle" yesterday while shopping on the Plaza in Kansas City. I went up to visit my sister and meet friends at Bo Lings for lunch.
I got up to look at receipt for the silver cleaner to spell the name of the store correct Sur La Table and can't find the silver cleaner so I guess I left it at my sisters. darn it .

Then this next picture is a few of my vintage tiara's and my hinged  heart box I bought on a trip to Portland Oregon once got it in a gift shop at Pioneer Square in a mall

My daughter in Portland got these swan  lipstick holders for me at an estate sale around Portland         Also had to show a couple of my gorgeous rhinestone buttons 

I have this little gold framed oil painting I got at a flea market type place for $3.00, I have had it on every wall and bookcase in my house at different times LOL It's setting on my Mom's cake plate just for a better picture , and my blue wall really shows up in this picture.
Not a lot to brag about today I know I need to get dressed and on with my busy schedule for today.

Linky parties I joined in for fun 


  1. Those lipstick holders are beautiful, as are all the treasures.

  2. Beautiful treasures ... and I love your sofa in the last pic!
    M x

  3. Hey Janice,
    You know you got my attention with that Victorian paper fan. Your photos remind me of Vanna's blog.
    Happy Monday!

  4. You have some beautiful things!! I really love that skinny little painting and can totally relate to how much you love it! I hope you found some wonderful things for a white book. Did you want to join the swap after all? Or are you just making one on your own? Hugs!

  5. Good Afternoon Janice, Oh my, you really do have some beautiful things. I adore the Victorian fan, it is so lovely.
    .... and I have to say, yout lipstick holders are really unusual. So many beautiful things..... sigh.
    Best Wishes

  6. It is all beautiful to ME, too!!!

  7. You really do have some beautiful things! I love that fan and you really scored with that amazing frame!

  8. Some very pretty finds here. Love anything blingy....:)

  9. The bridal theme fan is lovely and also the swan lipstick holders.

  10. Your pretties are all so wonderful...I'm a bling person, so I am attracted mostly to your sweet tiaras and buttons. I've not seen swan lipstick holders before. To think there was a time when beautiful items like these were routinely sold retail and not found in vintage & antique shopping venues. Enjoyed your pretties, thanks for sharing with us!

  11. What a lovely post . . . When I look through your blog I see so much that we have in common. Love, love, love your transfer-ware. Great finds, thanks for sharing:)
    Connie xx

  12. Hi Janice, you've collected so many beautiful treasures. And love the blue in your house! Thank you for your sweet visit and comment. I'm going to follow your blog via bloglovin (I reached the max on google friend connect, lol). Wishing you a beautiful day, Wendy of AppleApricot

  13. Nice collections, but the swan lipstick holders are my favorites...they take me back to the 50' mother had a powder container with a swan on top that held a tube of lipstick...wonder whatever happened to it.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. What fun pretties! Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. I hope you will visit often. I enjoyed your thoughts on Savannah. Spent a lot of time browsing and taking lots and lots of pictures at the Paris Market. I could have taken home just about everything there. I'm your newest follower.

  15. You have some really neat goodies. I enjoyed seeing and learning about them.

  16. My little eye caught glimpse of all these wonderful goodies but my absolute favorite is the fan. Have a nice week-end.
    JM, Illinois

  17. Your sweet treasures are right up my alley. Everything is pretty and fun. The framed painting is lovely and so is the fan. However, like most of your comments, I adore the swan lipstick holders. I too love all things vintage.
    xo, Jeanne

  18. Look at all of those pretty things! Which reminds me, I need a tiara;)

  19. So many pretties! My treasure radar is going crazy!!! You are featured this week at Ivy and Elephants, thanks for sharing your loot with us!
    Big hugs,