Tuesday, November 11, 2014


OMgosh I drove up to Kansas City this morning and there was snow on the roofs of houses along Interstate 70 once I got to Blue Springs around Independence and Lees' Summit.
I went to my sisters at Lees' Summit for a quick visit with another sister of mine. Then we drove to an auction house I put my entire set of crystal Iris & Herringbone dishes in.
I know you loose a lot $$$ putting items in auctions sometimes? but I am on a mission to clean out my house so I can redecorate or just move LOL

I am looking for my turkey plates to use for Thanksgiving and forgot which closet I put them in , I did find more brown and white transferware dishes I got from a Great Aunt and a platter I picked up at a resale shop once.

This ironstone platter that the oversize sugar and creamer is setting on matching the set
I am sure this set on my Great Aunt Ollie's kitchen table all the time I remember when I was a kid I thought all her old dishes was ugly now my sisters and I fight over who gets what and we trade dishes , do you all ever do that? Say I'll give you the brown transferware set if you will give me the old lamp she had etc? LOL well my sisters and I do this a lot LOL

This is a platter I found at a resale shop here in town , I'm ready to part with it however I find shipping dishes to be difficult and costly or it would put it in etsy
 Well I haven't found my pictures of my turkey transferware plates so will show you my brown speckled  graniteware/ enamelware coffee pot . I bought in an auction years ago in Glasgow Missouri a little river town. It was a 2 ring 2 day sale . Which I am sure some of you younger gals never went to such a sale? 

Ok I'm going to bed to watch TV and unwind from my busy fun day.

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  1. The platter is gorgeous. Wish I was close to you, I'd immediately get that one. I know, we think our relatives and even parents had ugly things, once we grew uo we want everything, lol!

  2. OH you have the greatest stuff!! How far a drive is it for you to KC?

  3. Janice, I'm jealous of your travels! lol I didn't know it snowed there, wow.
    We still need to get together. I'm going to call you about going to the Boonville DAR house with me in December.
    I like your ironstone. Are you trying to sell anything that I might want? Just let me know.
    Have a great day,

    1. Gina just about everything I have I would sell LOL except my Louis Vuitton and one set of dishes, still downsizing my house
      Yes would love to go to DAR house with you

  4. You are showing the most GORGEOUS pieces! The coffee pot is awesome, and the brown tansferware pieces just make me melt! It's soo hard being a brown transferware junky! Haha!

  5. I hope you're able to find your turkey plates in time for Thanksgiving. Love all your beautiful pieces especially that coffee pot. Thanks for sharing everything at Vintage Inspiraition Party.

  6. Yes, the old things I once found disgusting in my grandmothers home, I now LOVE :-)

  7. Oh my goodness,
    what beautiful treasures!

    xo Suzanne

  8. You do have some beautiful pieces here...I am still trying to locate things I packed for our move....I know they are here...just WHERE?

  9. we had a little snow in the philly area last night, the first of the season. it's always a magical feeling that first time for some reason. at least for me, lol.

  10. Beautiful treasures! I love that enamelware coffeepot. We woke up to about 4" of snow this morning. Somehow snow makes the cold more bearable. The first snow is always so pretty.

  11. LOVE your gorgeous pieces. The platter is beautiful and I love it. The brown transferware is stunning. I am getting into more of it lately and love the look in my home. Your coffee pot is a treasure too.
    Stay warm and enjoy the weekend.

  12. Isn't it funny how our tastes change? Best of luck at the auction! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. I am like you, have many things I need to get rid of. Only thing, it is a shame, what we pay for treasures and then never get what they are worth. I hope things turn out well for you.

  14. I love that old china can evoke memories of another time...beautiful pieces....HPS Michelle

  15. You have some gorgeous pieces here! We got some snow here in Montreal, Canada, as well! Just enough to show that it had snowed, but it was nice to see. :)

  16. Loving all these beautiful pieces. Have dun and I have a beautiful and happy birthday, just in case I don't get back here tomorrow. We have a great year ahead of us.
    Sending blessings,

    1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, I am glad to have another one even if it means medicare LOL

  17. Oh how fun! And what lovely pieces - as good for kitchen and home decor as for practical use. And snow fun to hear more snow stories. My grandkids are thrilled with having it - while I am thrilled with not having it. Have a lovely week.

    Kaye Swain