Monday, November 24, 2014

Recycle Santa

 Om My Gosh what a dreary rainy dark weekend I had here in Columbia. I can not get motivated to do anything but shop on rainy days LOL. I did stay home and try to clean house for Thanksgiving but that didn't go very far or long. I ate all weekend and took naps did a little laundry.
Yesterday I was getting some of my clothes out to donate to a needy cause and found this sweat shirt my youngest daughter had in high school. I have kept it all these years BECAUSE it has BUTTONS on it LOL and since I am a button hoarder just couldn't get rid of it.
I had the brilliant idea to make a pillow out of it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now isn't he adorable vintage looking ? This is from 1990? It's 8:00 am here and the sun just peaked out , it's going to be a good productive day here I can tell , now back to my story.
Look at his bearded button beard

I am sure I bought this at a Kings Daughter Holiday show here locally .
here is my pillow and I love it ! even if I have to say so myself, I knew I kept Button Santa all these years for some reason.

Now here is the finished picture of all my little trees with there bows on them.I found some great green tiny garland to put around the tree with multi colored little balls and used pieces of ribbons for all the others.
I think that was my most popular post all my little spool trees , THANKS 

LInky parties I am joining in 


  1. That is the cutest makes a charming pillow! I love all of your bottle brush trees...I enjoy making them, too! Such a fun, creative craft!

  2. I love that Santa. So glad you made it into a pillow.

  3. Janice, aren't you something! Creating a pillow out of that sweatshirt! Very cute!
    Take care and see you soon!

  4. The pillow is adorable so glad you saved it until inspiration struck!

  5. Janice, your miniature Christmas trees are charming and so is the Santa pillow. I like both of them, they are as sweet as can be. Boy, that was a lot of work sewing on all those buttons for someone!

  6. Your pillow looks darling. Great idea to recycle that old sweatshirt. Love the button beard. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. I love the button santa. How adorable~ Brush trees are sitting in several places around my home this year. Love the way yours are decorated.