Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gave It Away

OMGosh we had a flash flood here last night and of course I had to get water in the lower level of my house where my studio is !!!!!
My drain outside my walk out basement guess couldn't take all the rain and it ran in under my doors. I have dealt with this for years and everytime it happens I want to SELL and MOVE !!! I forget to check the drain make sure it isn't plugged up. OK done with venting  LOL

I am sure you that have read my blog before know I am cleaning house decluttering and it's been going on since last October here it is almost a year and the house is still packed . I have moved a lot !! of smalls out friends have came over and graciously bought some items. Anyway getting back to this post I had a set of dishes I got at an auction a few years ago got it for almost nothing and I just couldn't stand to see it left behind for the auction company to throw in the trash. I brought it home had it packed in several boxes and my sister was over one day talking about having all her kids and in laws over for a dinner and I ask her if she had a set of dishes big enough that everyones setting matched? No she said so I ask her how would you like to have a place setting for 12 that all matches and has all the serving pieces?


There was 3 platters 

I used the china cups on a Christmas tree one year that I had all white ornaments on

It made a pretty table setting I thought my sister said she like it and was glad to have everything match for her family dinner 
 Wait there more 
These are  pieces that I couldn't get on my table to show 

I use to have so much fun standing all day at country auctions looking at all the old treasure also use to spend a lot of my hard earned money LOL

Best I remember I gave $50 for this entire set of 12  look at that huge platter on the left side of the table it will hold a 30 lb turkey LOL

Well I must go down stairs and see if my dehumidifier has helped my wet floor situation 

Linky parties I join in 


  1. Coming from someone who is living in a drought and water rationing, I can't even picture a flash flood. Hope everything dries out soon.

    Love the dishes.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the flooding in your studio! I hope you didn't loose much and that you recover quickly. You table setting is gorgeous! I love the pattern on the china.

  3. Oh my, so sorry about your flood. We are in drought conditions so it's hard for me to read about your flood. Hope everything drys out for you.
    Your dishes are very lovely - hope your sister liked them.

  4. Sorry to hear about your flood. Hope things dry out soon. The dishes are very pretty.

  5. So sorry to hear about the water problem, Janice...I know from experience what a pain that is! So great your sister can put your wonderful dishes to good use! I'll bet she is thrilled to have them!

  6. Oh you poor thing -- I have my Christmas (and some other) stuff downstairs and this is one of my fears, too. I hope you were able to dry everything out. Gorgeous dishes!

  7. Sorry about the water, we have some in our basement too. Here in St Louis we got it too but we slept thru it. Those dishes are so pretty. But boy I understand decluttering and cleaning. Hope the basement situation gets better.

  8. So sorry to hear about the water and hope things weren't damaged too badly!
    Those dishes are beautiful and I know she had to be thrilled with them.

  9. Sorry to hear about your water damage. I am so glad that i do not have a basement , a lot less worries!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!! I bet your sister was thrilled to have that set of beautiful dishes!!


  10. Janice, sorry to hear about your flooding! Those are beautiful dishes--what a thoughtful gift for your sister. Blessings, Cecilia

  11. OH, how awful to have to go through flooding over and over! Yes, that would make me want to move too!
    What a fabulous set of dishes! I can't believe you got such a bargain and how fun to share them!

  12. oh noooooo!!! what a bummer about the basement...we feel for ya girl!
    On a happy note...those dishes are too cute and will look so adorable for a beautiful table ~ and you are such a wonderful sister for thinking of your sis!! (we just love gifting each other our bargains as well ~ lol!!)

  13. I am so sorry about your flood! I pray it is a quick cleanup and that it never happens again.

    I also admire you for your generous spirit.



  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your flooding. Water can be such a mess to clean up.
    Mary Alice

  15. Beautiful set - glad it went to a good home! Sister of the year award goes to you! Sorry about your flood!

  16. Oops, I think my comment vanished. Just wanted to say that set is absolutely beautiful and I know your sister will love it as much as you have! So sorry about your flood, Janice. XO

  17. Beautiful dishes! So sorry about the flooding!