Thursday, September 4, 2014


Someone sent me an email back in March and ask me about these pictures and wanted them and I thought I had already sold them last March at the indoor sale at Holiday Inn they have every year and I have set up there last 3-4 years . Anyway I found them who ever ask about them. It only took me till today to find them from last March I was looking in wrong area of course. I try really hard to keep all my for sale treasures in one storage room . needless to say these were not in the storage room


I just love them and have never reframed them they are in original wood frames and original glass with a wire hanger in back 

I have had these hanging in every room in my house except the bathroom and I have another couple in there from the 1700's.

I just love her outfit and her Gibson Girl hair style doesn't she look like she is going to a college game of some kind?  carrying that school banner 

WSN what does this stand for Wisconsin State North was there such a college? 

Guess I will hag them up maybe in my office however I don't think there is any wall room left in here 

They are both signed Alice Luella Fidler part of a Lad & lassie series this artist did

Ps I got the wet vac out and got all the water up from my mini flood in the studio, well it wasn't to mini it got all my rugs soaked. Now I need to mop that entire large room Oh well I'm not stressed about it. I'm just thankful I have a room to mop and have the strength to get it done 

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  1. Beautiful pictures they really are a treasure!!!

  2. That one could well be Wisconsin State Normal---so many schools were named "Normal" in those days. And the name didn't change til 1927, so the fashions fall right into the NORMAL days.

    Oddly, the most illustrious alumna seems to have been GOLDA MEIR.

    I love your little mysteries of the past,


  3. Great pictures and I hope the person wanting them sees this post.

  4. What great vintage art work.. I love them and they are treasures.

  5. Those are wonderful pictures! If I find out what the WSN stands for, I will come back and post it to you. Could it be the artist's initials?

    Dropping by from Beverly's or Pink Saturday. Hope yours is happy!


    Sheila :-)

  6. I see Racheld may have solved the mystery..Yes Normal was often used for school names....I have no idea why?? What great prints! Sorry to hear about the flood...And you are so right...happy for the room and ability to clean up the water!


  7. Oh my so thankful you survived your mini not so mini flood. THe art prints are gorgeous.

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments and friendship. You are a treasure. Have a blessed week!

  8. i love these olden pictures....if i only had the wall space...*heavy sigh

  9. Amazing vintage pictures. Hope the woman enquiring get to see these!