Friday, August 29, 2014

Pretty Pink Slips

I was going through a stack of linens and vintage clothing I have and seen my vintage full slips laying in the pile at one time they were a cream color and white color I decided I wanted to play with the Ritz dye and so now I have 3 vintage pink slips .
I am very aware that a lot of the bloggers today are young very young and never wore a full slip in their life LOL They might say oh yes my great grandmother wore those LOL (talking about you 20-35 year old gals  my daughters age


Well girls I wore them back in the 1960's under my very best dresses you just would never leave the house with out a  full slip under you dress and I remember the garter belts I wore and then also those horrible griddles!!!!! and I was young back then under 20 years of age .Now I wonder who would have known if I didn't have a slip on.Now days I don't wear a slip under any dresses I just make sure they aren't see through

My favorite slips are the rayon crepe slips ohhhh they feel so elegant nothing like just the nylon slips which are also beautiful . I guess this was a remissness of back in the days ?


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  1. Yes, those are pretty pink slips. I still like to wear half slips under skirts. Thanks for taking us back down memory lane.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Very pretty colour...I wore half slips in the 60's but by the 70's I was to much a hippy to wear bras or slips!

  3. How funny that you posted about slips. I was going through my slip drawer, which I never wear anymore and found some stunning full and half slips. I would have NEVER
    gone out with out my slip on. I have a pretty blue half slip with about 6" of the most beautiful lace on it. Think i will cut the lace off and use it on something else.
    Thanks for the memories. Now the girls don't even know what a slip is LOL

  4. How lovely. Keep them. I still have two full ones. Black and tan. At times in winter have worn them. However, not too often.

  5. What a lovely post and the pink slip is gorgeous. Yes, I remember when we would never go out without a slip under a dress. Now I have a few half slips and hang on to them just in case, but they are rarely needed.
    Thanks for sharing this memory and the pretty pics.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  6. I remember and I wore them too! I still love them, although don't wear them anymore,
    pretty to display or make into something else! Great post!

  7. Those turned out so pretty! Yes I wore slips as a young girl. I don't think people even wear 1/2 slips anymore?!

  8. Pretty pink petticoats, yep I used to have one of those of those slips for special occasions!
    Wren x

  9. I still have a half slip but I do remember the days of full slips! I think some celebrities today would be better served to cover up these days! Love your pretty pink photo! Have a good weekend. Hugs, Anne

  10. OMYGOSH...I haven't worn a slip, full OR half, in so long, I can't even remember when it was. Haahahhaa...garter belts, girdles....what were we thinking ???

  11. Yours are pretty, I have several whole slips, some from thrift stores in excellent condition, I love to wear them as a nightgown! In the 70's there were times when they were needed!