Friday, April 18, 2014

Finished Rhinestone Bottle

Well my booze bottle ( LOL)  is all decorated up and ready for it's first showing.I may add a little something extra however not sure just yet. This is her tiara crown that I made out of 3 rhinestone earrings and that is a belt buckle around her neck for an added piece of rhinestones which I love love love, and always have since I was a little girl when I first discovered rhinestones in my Grandma Baker's jewelry box, it was a wooden candy box not a fancy Hollywood jewelry box and I  have it now with some of her jewelry in it


Here she is setting real pretty on a cluttered work table in the studio 

I think I still need to add a choker or rhinestone necklace around her neck instead of the rhinestone belt buckle.what do you think I should do? or just leave well enough alone ? 

Then I think I'm almost finished with my rhinestone frog cuff bracelet. It was attached to a key chain when I purchased it at Michael's.
I had purchased the strand of green ribbon also to use ? just not sure yet 

Thanks for checking out my two latest projects , the before pictures are on my previous post.

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  1. Lookin good. Happy Easter trails to you, have a great Holiday!

  2. Those are great pieces....hope you have a wonderful Easter! xo Diana

  3. What great creativity here, friend! Kudos on the booze bottle...might be tempting to drink mine down a bit faster to get at what's underneath! :-) Happy Easter - Tanya

  4. I love fancy bottles...I think it looks pretty good...Since you asked, I think I would add a ribbon around the bottle neck, then you can always remove it or change it??? Just a thought? happy Easter


  5. I love how they turned out. Well done!!

  6. What a clever idea!!! I reuse mt 'booze' bottles too! I have a Patron bottle in my bathroom holding my mouthwash! Thanks to you - I may be adding some jewels to some of them!