Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shiny Things

I have a hundred things to get done this week before Easter and I am not in the mood to get it all done, just plain tired and a little lazy LOL or plain lazy and little tired LOL
Anyway as I play today and think I need to scrub the tub and mop the kitchen before Saturday I just thought I need to play with my rhinestones a little.Company coming, my sisters
I have a large fancy bottle I want to decorate and started getting some drawers of bobbles out to pick and choose which ones i'll use.


I always show pictures before I start a project and lots times never show the finished project believe me I do finish them eventually 

I couldn't decide if I want to use the green pieces of jewelry or the old blue rhinestone, I think I'll go with the blue since it's my favorite color in the whole wide world

I stared a bracelet also today ,it's a frog with green rhinestones I seen it at Michael's yesterday and used my 40 % coupon to purchase it and a few other items . I already had a large silver cuff bracelet I have been wanting to add something to for a long time .

Ok I have to get back to finishing some laundry . I feel like I have 8 irons in the fire do you ever get over loaded? I keep thinking when I fully retire I can play every day but then I may not have as much play money LOL

 I am helping with my high school reunion for Mt Vernon Illinois Township High School and we are looking for Lola Shick, last time I talked with her she was living I think in Nebraska so if any of you know a Lola Shick from Mt Vernon Illinois let me know , thanks , I don't know her married name now 

linky parties I like 


  1. Well, I don't know Lola, but I do like those blue rhinestones.

  2. The green cameo caught my eye but really all of them are terrific. Laundry haunts everybody;} and then I sell vintage linens, olive

  3. GREAT bling!!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone in blogland knew Lola? xo Diana

  4. Love those blue beauties!!
    I think the exact same thing about retirement.

  5. Have fun, clean latter Richard and Sissy. I need to do yard work, always say it is tooooo cold. Good enough reason for me.

  6. THANK YOU so much for your kind words!! 200 posts!! Holy moly!! I could not even imagine!! I would miss all the wonderful people like you that i have met through Blogging so I will continue but on my own terms!!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!!

    Love all of your bling!! So pretty!! We are like minds, my friend!!

    Happy Easter to you!!


  7. Hi Janice - What a lovely blog with so much eye candy that delights the creative soul! I so empathize with you here - there are whole days I just wander about the house with a long list of things to do and by dinnertime I wonder why nothing really got accomplished. I still struggle with the thought that working my craft and spending all day making floral frills or blogging is a waste of time. Gah! It's my job! Gotta love your job - the laundry happens eventually. Looking forward to visiting again!