Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silver Jars/ Wedding Story

You all know every well most bloggers have seen the mercury glass decor jars vases and etc
So I have some silver metallic paint and empty Ball jars so decided to try and paint them for something to do . I have to have a small project going on  to entertain myself . I love to go and be around friends but I have dry spells and that is when I play in the studio and amuse myself LOL
I bought an entire case of these old jars at an auction once and they have been on a shelf in my garage for about 3 -4 years

 The jars have the wire pieces still on them that slides over the glass tops  and here is my silver paint that is the best paint. I have used it on wood, glass, plastic, painted an entire table and chest of drawers with it

                 I just painted 3 out of the 12 jars I have like this                                  


I went to my nieces wedding in Kansas City Mo this last weekend it the weather could not have been better
My Niece and her new husband lives and works in around Denver Colorado and his family is from Iowa and most her family in Missouri so it was a destination wedding LOL we was all laughing about that.Janelle and Nate did work in Kansas City so thought that would be a good meeting place for the wedding. A couple family members came from Portland Oregon in my family

However ever wedding has something little  that doesn't go well and most people never know it. Well a huge problem happened and I wish I knew the name of this florist in Kansas City Mo to blast his name across my blog and say unfavorable words about his business. NO FLOWERS Janelle called the florist an hour before the wedding and said the flowers are not at the church, he said we will be there in 25 minutes the wedding was scheduled at 1 pm this was 12  noon she called him. The time had passed still NO FLOWERS. He called her back 5 minutes before the wedding  1pm and said I'm sorry Janelle I don't have any flowers for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They flew in 3 weeks ago and finalised  all the wedding plans with this florist. So the Bride had NO wedding bouquet !!! thanks to this horrible Kansas City florist
whose name I will get and may even write him a letter

 I could have cried for her . No bridesmaids bouquets no flowers for Mothers of the wedding couple. All the pictures by the photographer NO FLOWERS the guys had no boutonnieres

There was fresh calla lilies on all the tables at the reception ,thanks to Nates Iowa family for getting them
 I don't know what was wrong with my iphone camera and I don't have a good picture to show which I am so sorry, however you can see NO FLOWERS

 My Niece Janelle ,she din't cry however after all the events were over I am sure she was crushed and cried a river
 Her cake was beautiful and I loved the flowers made out of icing on her cake

 The cake decorator did a wonderful  job on the cake. The cake was up on dark stage and with my iphone not having enough flashe well you can see the cake anyway

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  1. Oh how horrid that the florist would wait until the last possible moment to admit they didn't have the flowers. If they had admitted it earlier at least someone could have run out to a store and got some fresh flowers to make do.
    She is a beautiful bride and now she has a story to tell!

  2. Beautiful bride!
    Next time that happens and you have no flowers send someone to the local grocery store tell them you need a brides bouquet ASAP.. this happened to me and my grocery store delivered!!! not only were they beautiful , but fresh too!
    sorry to hear about this happening to her.. her cake looked gorgeous.

  3. Every grocery store should have a florist . They do here in Tx

  4. Love your ball jars all silvery and lovely. That is just awful about the flowers for the wedding. It's too bad there wasn't a Sam's club or grocery store where someone could have fun and picked up some flowers. Guest would not have minded waiting one little bit, I bet. Anyway- her cake was beautiful and so was she- xo Diana

  5. How horrible.. silly florist.. she should make a complaint to better business bureau.. hopefully he won't get no business.. well she still looked beautiful and so did her cake.. Wish her all the happiness in the world.. your jars look interesting.. Happy Autumn with love Janice

  6. Janice, this is so horrible. I feel for your sweet niece. On the bright side, if the couple could weather this they can handle anything. She was absolutely gorgeous and her cake was fantastic. She did have lovely flowers after all. Most newspapers have a call in column as a voice of the people. When you find out his name call this in or wright up a letter to the editor of the newspaper.
    Oh, would loved to have found those ball jars with the metal closures. Fantastic.

  7. Excuse me, I meant to write "write". Brain f**t!

  8. I like mason jars too and they are so fun to work with.
    Oh, what a shame about the flowers. Your niece is a beautiful girl and her cake is gorgeous. I have never seen a cake like it. Thank you for sharing at my HOME, Janice. Blessings, Sandi

  9. I'd like to know the name of the florist!!

    The icing flowers are so lovely that made up for no fresh flowers.

  10. What a terrible thing to happen so late in the day. You cannot depend on anyone any more. However, flowers make a wedding much prettier, but they do not make the wedding. The love, commitment and family is all that really matters. Just think what a story she will have to share with her children.

  11. This happened to a girl in our church years ago, the florist said he got the weekend mixed up! She was pretty devastated, but they have been married now for about 25 years. Your niece is so BEAUTIFUL--tell her that for me. The wedding cake was the prettiest I've ever seen.

  12. The jars look wonderful. I think your wedding story is terrible but she was lovely and that just illustrates the vagaries of married life in general. My first wedding was quite horrid. If you have not read my Hold Everything Lightly Series-there was blood and an ambulance. xo, olive

  13. I love the jars...what a gorgeous happy bride!

  14. The jars are beautiful - nice job! The bride looks beautiful, so sorry for her that the florist was a no-show. The wedding cake is so very beautiful. Best wishes to her and her husband. Catherine