Sunday, August 25, 2013

Necklace Creation

I have been going through all of my bakelite jewelry looking for some certain bakelite barrell buttons I bought years ago at the Portland Expo show in Portland Oregon back when bakelite was HOT.
Anyway I seen a picture of a necklace on line I fell in love with and wanted to try to do one similar to it with all my bakelite pieces. I just hate to use the E6000 glue because it is final when you use it you know what I mean I can't take the necklace apart if I decide I want a certain button .

This first button is fabulous I think I only have one and had forgotten I even had it . I have a small plastic chest with about 20 drawers with my bakelite in it . It is about 2 1/4 inch long
If your not a button or bakelite person you won't appreciate this at all LOL

 Darn it cut off the top oh well you can see it

Then here is a assortment of bakelite  pieces I am trying to choose from  to use on my project. I love that fuschia color twisted button and there is more to match it in different colors


This is the start of it the red bakelite piece is off of another necklace then I stacked the oval button on it and added the dotted bakelite button I like this look so going to go from here just trying to decide which glue to use.
Should i just bite the dust and use E6000?

Here is some more pieces  I am considering using and I am going to put it on a black large open  chain in the above picture 

Here is the look i'm going for I just copied this off a piece of paper however I think you can see what I want 

After checking out the book by Amy Hanna Rejuvenated Jewels  at the library i have been playing with all my jewels . Also since I like the book so much I ordered it off Amazon .

Linky parties are fun 


  1. How very very cute. Don't you love it when you have so many materials to work with? xo Diana

  2. Wow I would love to have a huge box of buttons around .. You are very creative.. endless possibilities...

  3. If you bought the Bakelite buttons as an investment then I say leave them as is, otherwise, go for it and enjoy your buttons! I love the inspiration piece. Has anyone confirmed the twisted ones are Bakelite? I didn't know Bakelite was extruded like that.

    1. Kathy
      No One has tested the twisted ones and will do that this weekend,a friend has that special cream you rub on bakelite to test it for the real thing
      I didn't buy them as an investment so guess the E6000 it is

  4. You have an amazing collection of bakelite. I say use the E6000. If it's something I really love, I would rather use it and enjoy it than put it in a box and never look at it. In fact, I think the rest of your collection would look really pretty in an apothecary jar sitting out somewhere!

  5. What a wonderful collection of bakelite! That is going to be such a pretty necklace. laurie