Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tea Set

I was sitting out on my patio this morning have coffee and brushing my cat not that has anything to do with my little bitty tea sets but you get the picture.

I was looking on a special shelf I have as I was going out my back door and my eyes caught these little cardboard tea pots and sure you have all seen these, well any one 36 years old and up . One is dated 1983 and the other one 1991

The little cups & saucers and the tea pot are so small a dine besides them would look huge 

I had to set my little Victorian couple out also 

I was also admiring some of my flowers beginning to bloom, my hydrangeas have their first bloom on one of my bushes ,however didn't take a picture of her  yet

Not sure what these are but I have about 7 blooming

then my sweet impatiens they always look good anywhere 

and then my Russian sage which I love but need to move so it can be in the sun all day 

well I have a ham steak in the oven and boiled eggs on the stove so need to tend to them and also waiting on my sister Liz to come over ,we are going dress shopping for her a dress to wear to our nieces beach wedding

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


My all time favorite vacation spot is Savannah Georgia and I always went to Lady & Sons to eat and always take the Paula Deen tour even though I could do the tour talk myself

I am so upset over Paula's fall from grace. She is not a racist I am sure . Here is a few pictures of my trip down there a couple years ago, I couldn't find last years pictures real quick , need to be leaving for work

This is me and the famous Cheryl Day at Back In The Day Bakery. Paula Deen has had Cheryl on her show several times and Cheryl was on QVC selling her first cookbook
Cheryl told me Paula pops in the bakery just about every week to visit Cheryl and Griff ,Cheryl's husband and partner in the bakery

 And this is Bubba at Bubba's oyster house Paula's brother he was signing his cook book for me

(after reading the  court deposition I think this picture is the problem ,with bringing Paula down ? ) maybe I shouldn't voice my personal opinion ,don't scream at me for saying this LOL
 This is the chapel at Bethesda Boys Town where Paula & Michael got married, it's on one of the tours

Here I am standing at The Lady & Sons front door of the restaurant,  around back where some concrete was poured Paula Bobby & Jamie has wrote their names in the fresh concrete and dated it when it was poured. While I was out walking one day I went all around the building to see if maybe Paula was coming in the back door LOL and seen the autographs in the concrete 

My hair is shorter now and new glasses LOL
This was standing in front of Uncle Bubba's Oyster house 
concrete autograph below

OK this is my support for Paula Deen I will be going down again this fall, I have been checking the air lines tickets and wow are they up ? or what 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back in The Day

Well I had another fun weekend , I went to a friends yard sale just to visit with her and she had several of her mother in laws vintage hats out , so I had to have 3 of them

It is really cute and one of my favorite colors, I won't wear it but it will really look good on my wire hat stand 

Here  is the label the famous word FRENCH

Then there was a real wild straw hat and I have been know to rip the flowers off to use on art however this sweetie is going to stay all together LOL

This is my friend Mary Liz and you have to call her by both names, not Mary or Liz it's  Mary Liz !

we was coming out of church and this hot car was parked between our cars and we both had a fit over it so I told her to stand over by it and I would get her picture
Some of her friends and me are giving her a surprise birthday party next Friday evening

Then the hot owner (Tom)  of the hot car came out so of course we had to explain how we admired his orange vintage VW , and he is married just you had any ideas for me or Mary Liz LOL
Barbara said you that car is a chick magnet LOL 

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beautiful Day

Hi everybody, my gosh I have been so busy and so tired to get a new post up
I don't know how the gals who post 3 times a week get anything else done.

My yard sale was a success and what was left I donated to a charity place named The Wardrobe. I only took 2 small boxes back in the house. Had lots free stuff on the curb, it all was taken
We had great turn outs both days, as I found more items my neighbor carried them outside for me. I think one more sale I will will have the studio and my storage room looking like the hoarder moved out LOL

I have had a dinner party at my house and I don't have much company for such things so I was hiding dirt and throwing things in the closets and under beds LOL

I bought a new vacuum cleaner and do I love it, its the irobot the little round rumba 
I named her Betty and Betty is a jewel
I turned her loose in the house every night last week and he did a fabulous job I would recommend her to anyone who can't use an upright vacuum like myself, if it wasn't for my new irobot I could never have gotten ready for company, now I need one to mop floors for me 

I am almost finished with my yard planting, soon as get some more mulch down .I had just planted or my neighbor planted 3 new hydrangea bushes for me they were about 3 ft tall and my new yard man cut them down with the weed whacker, I was ready to whack  his head off!!!!!!
I had to calm down a couple days before I called him to discuss this matter. I didn't want the wild lady inside of me to come out in a screaming matter when he answered his phone LOL
he came over and I said I was going to give him a quick lesson on what a weed looks like and what my precious plants look like, I said when you don't know for sure don't cut it down
he also cut my peonies all down ( screaming lady was wild) LOL 

OK I am at work however tomorrow is picture day for my blog so will have some interesting things I hope for show and tell  Saturday 

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am so busy getting ready for my annual yard sale and since I still work 4 days a week I am behind on getting things priced and my Blog posting also

I watched Anderson Cooper  one day this week and there was a lady on analyzing our obsessions and she said old ladies that blog are just lonesome and have nothing else to do, talking about us who post a blog and us who read blogs, I thought lady your are wrong about this subject altogether. I love blogging and I know all of us do, to keep in touch with the world of flea markets and what all we find, we share it , oh well, her loss

I just threw this picture in because I didn't have any new ones to post,this is a little fountain I have in my bathroom and think it's pretty sweet
This is some material that is my curtains and bed comforter and I am looking for wallpaper to match, I know this is years old however I still love this toile material and want it so bad
This is just parts of the material, birds, people

It's Waverly Wedgewood COUNTRY LIFE and I have looked on all the wallpaper sites on line and for material also

This is the main part of the material

I like it so much , usually I am ready for new bedding and curtains every 5 years but not this one 
I want to cover my entire bedroom with this ,one wall I have the waverly toile material, however not enough to do my entire bedroom

Just in case one of you ladies in a larger city knows where I could pick up this discontinued pattern, or one of you gentleman 

Disorganized yard sale at my house this Friday & Saturday June 7-8  for all you gals & guys close to Columbia Missouri,I say disorganized because I am depending on the mercy of neighbors to carry my items out for me and will be satisfied where ever they sets boxes etc, since I am taking good care of my back problem 

another ps today I started sending tweets 

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