Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am so busy getting ready for my annual yard sale and since I still work 4 days a week I am behind on getting things priced and my Blog posting also

I watched Anderson Cooper  one day this week and there was a lady on analyzing our obsessions and she said old ladies that blog are just lonesome and have nothing else to do, talking about us who post a blog and us who read blogs, I thought lady your are wrong about this subject altogether. I love blogging and I know all of us do, to keep in touch with the world of flea markets and what all we find, we share it , oh well, her loss

I just threw this picture in because I didn't have any new ones to post,this is a little fountain I have in my bathroom and think it's pretty sweet
This is some material that is my curtains and bed comforter and I am looking for wallpaper to match, I know this is years old however I still love this toile material and want it so bad
This is just parts of the material, birds, people

It's Waverly Wedgewood COUNTRY LIFE and I have looked on all the wallpaper sites on line and for material also

This is the main part of the material

I like it so much , usually I am ready for new bedding and curtains every 5 years but not this one 
I want to cover my entire bedroom with this ,one wall I have the waverly toile material, however not enough to do my entire bedroom

Just in case one of you ladies in a larger city knows where I could pick up this discontinued pattern, or one of you gentleman 

Disorganized yard sale at my house this Friday & Saturday June 7-8  for all you gals & guys close to Columbia Missouri,I say disorganized because I am depending on the mercy of neighbors to carry my items out for me and will be satisfied where ever they sets boxes etc, since I am taking good care of my back problem 

another ps today I started sending tweets 

Linky parties I am joining in 


  1. Good Afternoon Janice, Who cares what the lady being interviewed said.... it is just her opinion and it certainly does not impact on my life. My word, I may be 61 years, but I don't consider myself old and I am certainly not lonely. But let us forget about her.
    I am a lover of blue toile and I have the reverse problem I am looking for blue toile curtains.
    I hope your sale goes well, oh I wish I lived closer as I know I would love to buy some of the items you are selling.
    Best wishes to you,

  2. So pretty! I love the pearls on the birdies :)
    I'm visiting today from Savvy Southern Style. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday (open thru Sat) and I'd love for you to link up! I hope you get a chance to stop by, link up and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
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  3. I love the fabric, as well, and had a similar pattern in my bedroom for many years, until it was beyond hope.
    As far as the woman on TV... I'd be willing to bet she does NOT have friends all around the world who share her common interests and that is her loss! Besides, she also doesn't realize that women of all ages blog and age becomes irrelevant when you share a love of the same things. Okay, I will step back down off my soap box - lol! Good luck with your sale

    1. I agree I think blogging helped me not to be so depressed because I could communicate with others who liked the same junk, I mean treasures I do LOL

      and bloggers are the BEST people , I have learned we are all very talented ladies and a few good looking talented men out in blog land also LOL

    2. I really like that blue and white toile. There are some things that are such classics that one never tires of them. The fountain with the little birds is cute, too.

      I missed that Anderson Cooper. Just as well. I would like to know the name of the woman that he was interviewing, so I could be sure to avoid reading any books or articles she may have written and not watch any shows that are interviewing her in the future. The problem that she and the companies that she is probably associated with have with bloggers is; that for the most part, if we are blogging and interacting with each other, we are not participating in being a captive viewing audience for the promotion of all of the stuff that they want us to buy. If they can make us believe that we are old, lonesome, out of step, and out of style, because we enjoy blogging, then they can get us refocused on buying whatever it is that they are selling.

  4. Beautiful bird picture... I love it.. Anderson Coopers guest is a NUT!

  5. I love that toile too. I love to be alone but am not lonely. There is a difference. xo, olive

  6. Love your little fountain. That toile is just gorgeous. I have always loved toile and never tire of it, either. Yep- I guess all of us old ladies are just bored to tears and blog out of boredom. Can't wait to see what THAT lady is like when she is old! xo Diana

  7. Hi Janice,
    That little fountain is so cute and so are those beads on that bird! Too cute! I like toile too, I don't have any though, yours is so pretty. Richard probably knows where you could get some wallpaper. See you later,

  8. What does that lady know about insulting...the last thing I am is a lonely old women and I adore blogging and reading blogs...wish I had more time to do it...I have met so many wonderful women with the same interests as me....some I have gotten to know in person and some I have never met....I have a full social calendar with these ladies....anyhoo...I have that same pattern in my duvet cover and pillow a King size set on sale at Ikea for only $10.00 yes that's right....only $10.00....I bought 2 in blue and one in red...I'm sure you can still find wallpaper...If not why don't you wallpaper behind your bed then paint the other three walls the same color blue as in the fabric...that would look just as good..

  9. Hi... I am your latest follower. I read about your curtains in a tree on another I saw... I love to find kindred spirits online! God bless!

  10. Hi, I love your material, I will definitely keep my eye out for wallpaper in that design. Have a great sale, Blessings, Ginger

  11. I do like your blue toile however have no idea of a source. I love blogging as it connects me with wonderful creative and like-minded souls. Thank you for commenting on my post. Swift Sales at your garage sale and hopefully nothing to carry back inside. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  12. Love that blue toile. I hope you had a successful yard sale. We had one last weekend and did pretty well. It always feels so cathartic. Is that a real word?


  13. Oh I never get tired of that Toile pattern. I had it in red and white in my powder room in my old house( Rosewalk Cottage) and I miss it. I also had the blue and white fabric from Boone out of Atlanta Ga. but I'm not sure their in business any longer but check on it they may be. Good luck. I found you over at Ashton House.

  14. Good luck with the yard sale. I wish I were there, I'd LOVE to own some of your castoffs!

  15. That is a beautiful pattern, I hope you find a source for it.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and how neat your daughter is named Terra. I will follow you with bloglovin since I understand google friends connect will end on July 1 (whatever that means).

  16. So lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    I love birds and your sweet fountain is so beautiful and also how pretty the toile is. I agree blogging is the best and have made some wonderful friends.
    Much luck with your yard sale and enjoy your week