Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back in The Day

Well I had another fun weekend , I went to a friends yard sale just to visit with her and she had several of her mother in laws vintage hats out , so I had to have 3 of them

It is really cute and one of my favorite colors, I won't wear it but it will really look good on my wire hat stand 

Here  is the label the famous word FRENCH

Then there was a real wild straw hat and I have been know to rip the flowers off to use on art however this sweetie is going to stay all together LOL

This is my friend Mary Liz and you have to call her by both names, not Mary or Liz it's  Mary Liz !

we was coming out of church and this hot car was parked between our cars and we both had a fit over it so I told her to stand over by it and I would get her picture
Some of her friends and me are giving her a surprise birthday party next Friday evening

Then the hot owner (Tom)  of the hot car came out so of course we had to explain how we admired his orange vintage VW , and he is married just you had any ideas for me or Mary Liz LOL
Barbara said you that car is a chick magnet LOL 

 Linky parties for this week


  1. Love the hats, I have a wire stand just like the one in the photo. Happy Birthday to Mary Liz! I think you should wear the hat!

  2. What a fun weekend. I love the hats and wish I had some of my old ones back. I worked with a gal and it was MaryBeth- always saying both names, too. xo Diana

  3. Love those hats and the story about the VW was great!