Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tea Set

I was sitting out on my patio this morning have coffee and brushing my cat not that has anything to do with my little bitty tea sets but you get the picture.

I was looking on a special shelf I have as I was going out my back door and my eyes caught these little cardboard tea pots and sure you have all seen these, well any one 36 years old and up . One is dated 1983 and the other one 1991

The little cups & saucers and the tea pot are so small a dine besides them would look huge 

I had to set my little Victorian couple out also 

I was also admiring some of my flowers beginning to bloom, my hydrangeas have their first bloom on one of my bushes ,however didn't take a picture of her  yet

Not sure what these are but I have about 7 blooming

then my sweet impatiens they always look good anywhere 

and then my Russian sage which I love but need to move so it can be in the sun all day 

well I have a ham steak in the oven and boiled eggs on the stove so need to tend to them and also waiting on my sister Liz to come over ,we are going dress shopping for her a dress to wear to our nieces beach wedding

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  1. Beautiful garden and wonderful treasures.

  2. My Mom bought me one of those little sets in the 90's.

  3. I love your flowers! The pink ball flowers are Allium I believe. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Love the tea set and your flowers! Lovely to have a garden, isn't it?

  5. Hi Janice! Cute little tea vignette with those box teapots. Your flowers look pretty and your dinner sounded yummy, lucky sister you have! Have a great weekend! Gina

  6. Alliums, they are in the bulb family like tulips and Jonquils.Wish I had some Ham

  7. Oh- I have to ask you, Janice. Did you buy those little sets on eBay, by any chance? I sold two of them on there. That would be funny if you did! I can smell that ham steak from here- xo Diana

    1. No dear not from ebay, a little gift shop one is from and I think I got the other one at an auction in a box of treasures

  8. Yes, the flowers are giant allium. Love the cardboard teapots!

  9. Janice,
    Love this post. I love your tea sets.
    They look wonderful with your Marie Antoinette figurines.
    I love tea sets. I've been collecting for years. I have only a couple of petite sets.
    Will visit again soon.

  10. The teapots and little tea set are lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. It sounds like the perfect day, and yes, I remember the cardboard tea pots!


  12. sounds like a wonderful lazy summer day...I think those are allum? allium? Maybe like a society garlic or something similar. so pretty and they are wonderful dried a hydrangea

  13. I love your teapots and the mini set is darling! Your garden has so many wonderful flowers blooming,
    so pretty! Thanks for stopping by with your nice comment, I love that table too! I painted it a patina years ago and it still looks good. Especially for being outside. Happy 4th of July to you and your family!


  14. Your cardboard tea pots are adorable. You have so much color in yur all the pretty pictures.

  15. Good Evening Janice, What a sweet little teaset and your cardboard teapots are very unusual.
    The flower which you were not sure of is an Allium, they are grown from bulbs. They are a very popular plant here in England. I had planted a dozen bulbs, but only one flowered this year due to the bad weather.
    Have a lovely 4th July celebration tomorrow.
    Best Wishes to you,

  16. Oh how I love pretty tea sets. Some of my dolls are sitting at a table having tea with mismatched cups! But they look cute anyway! I think you've found out your pretty plant's name. The tops remind me of garlic. Enjoy your week!

  17. I love purple in the garden!

  18. Love these fun photos! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  19. Love the little card board sets, so very cute! It's so hot I think all we have is tea on the brain right now! Your flowers are doing well, I'm having to pamper mine like a southern belle to keep them growing.
    Have a happy and blessed 4th of July!

  20. Your paper tea sets and golden tea set are beauties, and your photos here show you have a talent in photography. This was a fun visit.

  21. Janice, I feel soooo stupid. I am probably the only person who hasn't seen those little cardboard teapots. They are adorable. It looks as if that was a wonderful day. I hope your sister got a fabulous dress.