Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Ice / Update

Here is another thing that brings back old memories of when I was a child.

We use to visit Aunt Georgie & Uncle Charlie back in the day, you know in the 50's & 60's and Aunt Georgie has an ice grinder I called it , in her kitchen,  hers was turquoise.


I use to love to get ice and put it in her grinder  and grid away. It was attached to her old Hoosier cabinet in her little bitty kitchen. She always had tea made and had little bottles of coke , the 5 cent a bottle kind



It was fun to turn the hand crank to make crushed ice for our drinks, guess I am still reminiscing ?

I wanted to get this on Pink Saturday  I was going to list it for sale but there must be a piece missing? , the piece that attached to a cabinet ? nothing is broke off just missing a piece. It stands upright fine for looks

                  UPDATE !!!! Sunday  January 27th

I found IT !!!!!!!! The bracket that holds this on a wall or an old cabinet just like Aunt Georgie had it


It was down in the bottom of the ice grater, YEAH !!!!!!! Now someone with a retro pink kitchen can add this to their pink collection


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  1. So sweet and what a special memory :)

  2. And it looks like a small rocket ship:}

  3. That's neat - the whole photo is neat looking with the green glass coffee jar and the ice machine - though I had no idea what it was until you explained it. Neat to remember things that are good, isn't?
    I've posted my mom's embroidery swatches which I love. Hope you can stop by.
    Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

  4. These vintage pink appliances are so sought after!

  5. What a great vintage piece! Someone will really enjoy this!


  6. Love that 50's pink ice crusher!

  7. oh my gosh...isn't that the cutest?!!! Love it....can imagine that it will be snatched up quick!

  8. I love the shape of this icemaker. I have two Ice-O-Matics, one turquoise & one pink. I haven't ever used them but your memories definitely inspired me to.

    Happy Rednesday~


  9. Guess this shows my age, but I remember them! Mom used one when I was a kid. Great memories, and I like your blog!

  10. What a wonderful story! I love the pink vintage color! Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  11. I'd never heard of an ice grinder before. I really like the pink colour!

  12. How cool is that! Glad you found the missing piece. It's going to be the star piece in someone's retro kitchen!

  13. Lovely pink vintage. I love crushed ice!!
    Thanks for sharing.