Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Ice / Update

Here is another thing that brings back old memories of when I was a child.

We use to visit Aunt Georgie & Uncle Charlie back in the day, you know in the 50's & 60's and Aunt Georgie has an ice grinder I called it , in her kitchen,  hers was turquoise.


I use to love to get ice and put it in her grinder  and grid away. It was attached to her old Hoosier cabinet in her little bitty kitchen. She always had tea made and had little bottles of coke , the 5 cent a bottle kind



It was fun to turn the hand crank to make crushed ice for our drinks, guess I am still reminiscing ?

I wanted to get this on Pink Saturday  I was going to list it for sale but there must be a piece missing? , the piece that attached to a cabinet ? nothing is broke off just missing a piece. It stands upright fine for looks

                  UPDATE !!!! Sunday  January 27th

I found IT !!!!!!!! The bracket that holds this on a wall or an old cabinet just like Aunt Georgie had it


It was down in the bottom of the ice grater, YEAH !!!!!!! Now someone with a retro pink kitchen can add this to their pink collection


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reminiscing with Rhinestones

I am trying my best to figure out why the heck I have bought and hoarded beautiful items since I was about 21?  Some things wasn't so beautiful, I use to love primitive kitchen items.
 I am thinking as the physiologist   say,  we buy things that remind us of our child hood? Why do you think we run all over looking for treasures? In my childhood days we didn't have all this stuff in our home?
I always bought things to fill a void I know that now. Heavy statement admitting this right?

Anyway here is a few items that reminds me of a girlfriend of my Mom's. Edeen  was very small I would say today's standards a size zero, not that this matters a bit to my story LOL
Anyway she dressed fancy and frilly and flowy. This is how the child in me is describing her. Her dresses were always like an old movie stars blowing in the wind. I wish I could find this one picture of her, it's here someplace in a box of my Mom's pictures of days gone by. She was about 4 ft 11" and always had high heels on . I can only remember her really dressed up.

Anyway to make a short story long, she always had the most beautiful evening bags. They called them Carry All's. you could get your lipstick, powder, money, and of course cigarettes in them, Oh and they all have a mirror and small comb.
This is one that I bought thinking of Edeen

Inside , see the little comb change compartment, lipstick, powder compartment on this side


The Back, where you put your cigarettes, back in the 1950's everyone smoked, you wore it on your wrist , this one has a wire mesh handle


And then there was always the rhinestone jewelry, the bracelets is what I always loved as a child about 5 or 6 years old I remember Edeen dresses had rhinestone buttons, Oh that is another one of my collections
As a child I would have been in heaven to have just one of these bracelets. I loved to play dress up


   I love the ones you  stretch over your dainty wrists    

I am just going through drawers and cleaning off my dressers and reminiscing

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

For Sale by owner

I have my groove back and now I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. ( that is an old farm girl saying, for all you young city gals that sounds maybe not so nice)

Anyway I am in the mood to clean and pack and pass things on. This old canister set I have had for years and did a post on it once, a while back maybe a year or more, anyway I haven't used it for years and ready to part with it.
I am , I said I am still working on etsy shop and will list it . It takes a lot of time and pictures to set this up

Cookie Jar $50.00 w/lid  64oz    8"
         I put a new label on this jar back in the 80's. I found a book where you could order new labels for the old Anchor Hocking dishes . This is the original lid

I drove all over looking for these pieces and bought them piece by piece, took me about 3 years looking at antique shops and going to auctions, Tea & Cereal canister

canisters $40. each w/lid  8 1/2 " top of lid

There is also Coffee, Sugar

Flour, Sugar, Pepper, Salt, shakers


The labels that are worn are original. I used these on an old Hoosier cabinet once and set on my counters once. I have had this set over 30 years now and I think it's from the 1930-40's era. I will look that information up before I list them

   Spices $20.00 each w/ lids  5"

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Can't Get My Groove Back

My Gosh I just can't get back in my groove of posting, seems like I've lost it but I know I haven't LOL. It's here someplace. I think I am just overwhelmed with other things at the present time. I won't go into the boring details. I know you will thank me LOL

I am still making piles of items to past onto other collectors and hoarders like me. I think I want to concentrate on smalls like beautiful buttons , Oh and a clean house, since can't run the vacuum it's just awful dusty around here, the floors that is. Isn't it funny when you can't do something like run a vacuum or mop that's  what you want to do?  A friend has been very good to come over a few times and help

This is how I feel                                                              sort of pitiful LOL   she has beautiful vintage lace just waiting to make her a new dress


Just looking around looking for things to post , thinking maybe if I had a new pair of shoes that would spark me back up ?


I really need a new nightie

I am very excited about a trip my sister is taking me on this summer to Jamaica , not my first choice of a vacation, however when someone offers to pay all expenses  well you get packed LOL    right?

Think I'll go make me a pot of tea in a tea pot I bought my Mom once she loved Jewel Tea dishes and I joined her up for a club of Jewel Tea collectors and once a year they had Hall China make a special piece and I always bought her one. Now that one one in the family wants these I am going to sell them also. I am keeping her set she purchased form the door to door salesman , the Jewel Tea Man  


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