Saturday, January 12, 2013

Can't Get My Groove Back

My Gosh I just can't get back in my groove of posting, seems like I've lost it but I know I haven't LOL. It's here someplace. I think I am just overwhelmed with other things at the present time. I won't go into the boring details. I know you will thank me LOL

I am still making piles of items to past onto other collectors and hoarders like me. I think I want to concentrate on smalls like beautiful buttons , Oh and a clean house, since can't run the vacuum it's just awful dusty around here, the floors that is. Isn't it funny when you can't do something like run a vacuum or mop that's  what you want to do?  A friend has been very good to come over a few times and help

This is how I feel                                                              sort of pitiful LOL   she has beautiful vintage lace just waiting to make her a new dress


Just looking around looking for things to post , thinking maybe if I had a new pair of shoes that would spark me back up ?


I really need a new nightie

I am very excited about a trip my sister is taking me on this summer to Jamaica , not my first choice of a vacation, however when someone offers to pay all expenses  well you get packed LOL    right?

Think I'll go make me a pot of tea in a tea pot I bought my Mom once she loved Jewel Tea dishes and I joined her up for a club of Jewel Tea collectors and once a year they had Hall China make a special piece and I always bought her one. Now that one one in the family wants these I am going to sell them also. I am keeping her set she purchased form the door to door salesman , the Jewel Tea Man  


Joining in these parties

How Sweet The Sound        
My Romantic Home      
Be Different Act Normal                                                                                                                                                                    


  1. be will find your groove

  2. You will get it back, you just need a little rest before you go forward.

  3. I had no idea where that pattern came from! That would be a fun way to collect. Someone will love the pieces you pass on. What a fun trip to look forward to! You'll be off before we know it!

  4. I enjoyed perusing your blog especially the post on your red transferware. I love the red also, and have quite a few pieces in that color. Hope you get your groove back - it's hard this time of the year. Sally

  5. My groove comes and goes. Jamaica sounds like a wonderful idea ... it's 30 degrees here today. I can be packed in an hour. ;-) (have a great time!)

  6. You are, as always, a trip! Love your dear sense of humor, and of course, you don't really need a new nightie, since the one in the picture is beautiful! Yes, a free trip is a good thing, especially to a sunny clime at this particular time of year. Good luck un-hoarding!