Monday, March 5, 2012

Glass Eggs

Glass Eggs are something I think is so pretty and to think children got these for gifts back in early 1900's I guess ?
I have seen these at antiques shops ever since I have been collecting and never was interested in them till I seen a post by another blogger then I realized how wonderful they are. Mine have all the writing rupped off but I still like them. I got them at an estate sale for hardley nothing in a box of odds and ends

It's had to see on the one little egg but there is a baby chick peeking out of the egg


Here is a glass basket my   basket my Grandmother always had setting on top of the refigerator in her kitchen. When she died that is what I wanted the most because we have old family pictures and I can see that glass basket on the refigerator.



I am home today trying to dust and rearrange a few things the sun is out and it makes me feel so good.
If you want to really read about glass eggs read this that Richard at My Old Historic House posted last year about eggs

I use to have this little water fountain in my bathroom with the little birds being the spouts for the water

  I need to get real busy real fast and get a few things done around the house then get out in the sun , maybe rake a flower bed. I think lots of us are anxious to get in the flower beds, however I am sure we will have more frost to come even though my tulips are up

These little scruffy shoes I found  and thought they were so cute , to think some little bitty feet wore the toes out , and her Mom kept them . They ended up in an auction I am sure , before I purchased them for $3.00                                              

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  1. You have so many cute things. Love the glass eggs in that lovely bowl.

  2. I love these eggs. Don't ask me why. i have collected them for years. I do not pay over $10.00. I have a bushel basket full. They live in my kitchen and at Easter It is fun to make a centerpiece from them. I did a post about them last year, which came first, chicken or the egg? Check it out. Sun shining today. Glad you found some eggs, I am afraid you are hooked. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Love the glass eggs and that little water fountain is so cute. Hope you'll be able to get outside for awhile!

  4. Your glass eggs are charming and so is that glass basket of your grandmothers. I have some alabaster eggs from Italy somewhere. It is going below freezing here and my plants are going to freeze...ugh

  5. Hi. I love your glass eggs; I don't think I've ever seen them. I'm following you now, but the links to your past posts aren't active, so I have no way of visiting other posts. Thought you'd like to know. ~Zuni --stop by and visit back!

  6. I've never seen glass eggs like these before...and the little shoes are absolutely charming!

  7. I love the glass basket and eggs. I know what you are talking about wanting something badly because it was on your grandmothers refrigerator and it brings back memories. My Father passed away in January and clearing out his home has brought back so many memeories and basement is going to be stocked full of items I simply can not get rid of.

  8. My Mom had a glass basket like that. Alas my sister ended up with it. I've never seen glass eggs before. And, to think they were given to children. Times have changed.

  9. How sweet about the basket..I love to look at my old family pictures and see items in the background I still have.
    Yes I saw Richards eggs in a huge old copper container, took a picture of all of them...eggmazing!!

  10. What a fun post. I have one that my mother gave me. I love that you shared your pics of yours. They are sweet and something to cherish for a long time. Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  11. I do love those eggs, too! I'd never heard of them until Richard's post, but I think they are wonderful. I've never met a collectible that I didn't love. Maybe they're next ....?

  12. Janice I love your Victorian glass eggs! I fell in love with Richard's too *winks*...who didn't? And what a wonderful blessing to have your Grandmothers beautiful glass basket! It's a lovely remembrance. Vanna

  13. Lovely and a reminder I must find mine for Easter decorating :)

  14. I never saw such glass eggs before...they are amazing.
    Love the little scruffy shoes...

  15. Never ever have we seen these eggs! What a fun collection (to start...did we say that?!!) Love them :) We also love the idea of using all of the different plates for your'll have to be sure to take pictures when it comes around :)
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  16. Hello Janice,
    you have inspired me to go and find some vintage easter eggs...I adore your favorit painting on the sidebar as well as your "sheep" painting.
    Thank you also for visiting my blog via Sherry's post on my home last week's open house party. your visit and kind word are much appreciated.
    Hugs&XX Colette

  17. What great treasures you found and inherited! Love the eggs - I've never seen them before!

    Thanks so much for stopping by come back soon. I'll be sure to pop back here too!


  18. Love your little glass eggs-happy to have found you-I'm now a follower-stop by for a visit!

  19. the glass eggs are wonderful....but oh how I love the fountain with birds! Beautiful! ♥

  20. My grandma used glass eggs in her chicken nests to encourage them to lay. I have a basket full that I've collected one at a time over the years. They're just plain eggs, some have the pontil mark on them (the "scar" left when it was cut off the blob of blown glass.) Your eggs were apparently made as gifts or souvenirs. They're so lovely in your glass basket.