Monday, March 12, 2012

Sister's Birthday & Girl Scouts of America's

Today is March 12th 2012 , also know as the Girl Scouts of American  founding day by Juliette Gordon Low Savannah Georgia birthplace. This is their 100th birthday. I have been to her house once years ago while visiting Savannah Georgia. I am sure this week in Savannah their is lots of visitors.

I had a sister born on this day and the Girl Scouts in my home town Mt Vernon Illinois decided to adopt the first baby born on this special day. By adopting meaning they would throw this child a big birthday party every year until the child was 6 years old honoring the child because it was born on this special day .

My sister Elizabeth Paulette ( Libby)  was the first baby born  on March 12 th so every year through her 6th birthday all the Brownie and Girl Scout troops met in  designated place and gave her a party including cake ,ice cream and a gift from each troop. I loved seeing what all she got every year. She always got some kind of bunny I remember.
Here is a picture taken on her 4th birthday . I am in the picture also standing next to her the cake is in front of me (ahhhhhhhhh)


My Brownie & Girl Scouts pins, so glad my Mom kept them . My sister has an entire picture albumn of all her Girl Scout birthday parties.
Can you believe we sold our Girl Scout cookis for 35 cents a box? I am almost telling my age LOL
Can you guess what year this picture was taken?


Yesterday   a girl friend and I did a little vintage shop shopping then went to an estate sale and I spotted a velvet box that caught my eye since I like velvet boxes. They are just so Victorian looking to me I love the old ring boxes




   love the key hole and ornate corners

 a few other boxes I have collected

I love the fasteners on these boxes they are always so ornate, the bottom in this picture is a small picture albumn

Inside of my new box and my favoriate painted procelain pin


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  1. I belonged to the Covered Bridge Girl Scout Council, hometown Greenup! Did not know you were from Mt Vernon. Luckily my Mom kept all my GS stuff too. I love that picture!

    Your box is beautiful, what a find.

  2. Oh, gorgeous boxes! I love old boxes, too. What a fun story about your sisters' parties!

  3. Happy Birthday Sister. Love the boxes. Hope all is well with you on this spring day, hard to believe March is 1/2 over. HELP!Richard from my Old Historic House.

  4. How wonderful for your sister! Talk about a lucky break *winks* And your new box is fabulous Janice! What a score! Vanna

  5. Loved your Girl Scout post. I'm guessing the picture was was 1965? I had a party for my Scout troop tonight. I have eight girls who are in the 11th and 12th grade at our local high school. They are all busy and beautiful girls and I'm so proud that they still want to be Scouts (when it's not the coolest thing when you're in high school). I had my own sash, handbook and postcard pictures of Juliette Gordon Low's home in GA to share with the girls. We played a Scout trivia game and had yummy treats.

    1. well I have to answer now don't I ??? it was in 1956 (OMG) now you can figure out my age LOL

  6. Love the vintage pins and you look fabulous wearing them on the Girl Scouts 100 year anniversary. This lucky break for Aunt Liz could not have happened to a nicer person-happy birthday to your 1st baby sister. I love your brownie hat you are wearing.

  7. What a sweet story. At first glance I thought your velvet box was a Victorian picture album, so pretty. I see that you have it on top of another beautiful album. Love these!

  8. I never knew that about the Girl Scouts. I enjoyed your post and learning so much. You sister has truly been blessed with this honor.

  9. Hi, my Pyrex this blog too! Thanks for coming over to Dolly Is Cooking...It means so much to me.

  10. I just love old velvet boxes, too. It is just something so special about touching the past with these beautiful and ornate objects. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. what a fun post about your sister and the girl nice of them to have a party every year for her...I have never heard of such a thing but's it's such a sweet thing....

  12. That is so cool that you have those Girl Scout pins!! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!!

  13. Hi Janice!

    How wonderful for your little sis. I bet you always enjoyed it too, since you were older and and already a Brownie! I was a Bluebird and a Campfire Girl... just a year or too younger than you ;) I still have my little vest with all the beads sewn on it. I think I will get those old 'snapshots' out and post about them.

    Thanks for sharing at my party this week!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  14. That box is beautiful! I love the name of your clever!
    Thank you for visiting Flora Doora and you nice comment!

    Flora Doora

  15. That's Girl Scouts of the United States of America (or GSUSA)! I've been a Girl Scout for about 45 years now! Lifetime member!

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