Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea anyone?

I went to a tea party last Saturday and it got me to washing up some of my tea pots & cups and making me a cup of my favorite tea which is named Summer Pudding. I use to buy it at a tea shop close to the City Market in Seattle , however last time my daughter went there to buy it for me they had closed. So she googled it and found it and ordered me some from London. It's a dark tea with berries etc in it.
This tea tile I bought in portland oregon several years ago at some antique shop. It's not an antique, made by Burleigh company in staffordshire England, as is my entire set of Blue calico dishes.I do have some reproductions made by Queen that I bough at T J MAxx once.

Anyway wanted to make a pot of tea

One of my favorite canisters , love it

Summer Pudding a loose tea

                  cream & sugar anyone?                                            

my tea spoons that loose tea goes in then put your spoon full of tea in your cup. I bought these vinatge tea spoons all over the country as I traveled to different flea markets and antique malls. there is one newer one in this group, the one on the far left you can buy now anywhwere they have kitchen items
This is my favorite tea strainer , it covers your  regular size cup add loose tea and pour your hot water through, i think it's so pretty and I love sterling silver also

regular teaspoon and my demi tea spoons



    I also have the demi cups and just purchased my cow creamer last year .
I first seen this entire set in a bridal magazine in 1971 and wanted the set I lived in Paducah Kentucky at the time then we moved to Missouri and I was antiquing and found this most wonderful little shop in Moberly Missouri in 1984 and she had the set. I was so excited. I statred with a 4 place setting  and starter set . Put it all in lay a way because well I didn't have 100's of dollars for a set of dishes. As I paid it off I purchased other pieces. I found my orginal recepit in one of the coffee pots that match this set. Any of the peices with writing on it like TEA is newer pieces made by Burleigh
             A demi cup

I have enjoyed this set of dishes for years made in England marked Staffordshire, the newer pieces are marked Burleigh     

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  1. I love the blue. What a fabulous collection!

  2. Your tea spoons are impressive. I have had some, but sold them off. I am not a hot tea drinker, but I love iced sweet tea. I have always like that blue pattern and the tile is so darn cute. I had a cow like that, but he went to market. I love the old blue and white tea jar, I have several of those canisters, I am not sure if I have a tea or not. It is my favorite. Enjoy your spot of tea. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. I love that pattern! The spoons are great too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I love your tea dishes, this is the pattern I bought when we first got married. It's so sweet, and always makes me happy to see it.
    The tea sounds delicious, too. Lidy

  5. Okay now the name Summer Pudding evokes so many wonder memories. Whoever picked that name did a great thing for that tea. The creamer and tea set are charming.

  6. blue and white dishes are among my favorites. Very pretty pix.

  7. Love this post girl..this pattern I had in brown/white and had wall paper to match..May you have the best day ever my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. I love your blue calico! It looks like blue is coming back big time. You are so lucky to have a great collection.

  9. LOVE the blue calico!

    I want to come have tea with you!


  10. All your tea accessories are absolutely lovely. What a nice collection of tea spoons and your blue calico tea set is wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Mary Alice

  11. Janice the Burleigh set is wonderful!(old and new) A cup of tea has just got to taste so much better in such a beautiful cup! *winks* What is that tea you love like? Does it have aspects of any other tea? I love the market spice tea from Pike Place market. Sooooo good! But earl grey is my ongoing favorite. Vanna

    1. The tea I love is a loose tea named Summer Pudding, it is a dark tea. I love it hot or cold.

      Pike Place sounds good , be glad when I can visit it again

  12. That set is just gorgeous. What a beautiful collection to have.

  13. This is the cutest set. I love the story about how it came to belong to you. Love the calico blue! I have one of the little cow creamers. He is adorable.

  14. This is a very pretty collection of your blue tea things. (I like your calico brown collection too) That's a wonderful tile. I'll have to keep an eye out for that tea spoon at the cook shop!

  15. Such lovely china, I like the tile in particular!

  16. I love how you displayed your collection of tea spoons and the calico blue is beautiful! Thanks for joining my party and have a great week. xo, Sherry

  17. I love that calico blue! What a great collection!

  18. I adore your treasures because I am a great tea lover. What's a nice collection!

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