Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kitchen makeover

I read blogs all the time where women are getting a kitchen redo. So today I thought I would rearrange a few things in my kitchen to try and make it look like a make over
I started by putting some of my cookbooks on my counter I keep them in a closet in my office and always looking at them so decided to bring them out.
I also love before and after pictures posted so thought I would try some before and after.

So  my  counter before, not very attractive

really this looks better than it usually does but nothing to show off

Like I said this looks pretty plain except for that potato laying there waiting on me to cook it LOL

Before I finish the kitchen wanted to tell you I went back to Kansas City Sunday and we went to this place. named Ju Ju. We both had heard about it and had to check it out. a lot of 60's things lots of painted furniture and odds and ends a retro place for sure.

    Then we went to the Plaza shopped till 4pm then had a late lunch at The Cheesecake  Factory. We just had a 10 minute wait the place was packed of course it being Mother's day.
We set outside by the fountain and it was so nice

The sisters and I have a trip planned to stay at the Plaza and shop.


 OK  back to the kitchen make over. I wanted to show these refrigerator dishes that was my grandmothers and my Mom had them so now I have them and I am starting to use them for things I put in the refrigerator. Back when I was  a kid this sounds pitiful but there never was left overs at our house there was 6 of us around the table and we licked the platter clean every meal. LOL really

 I remember sitting around my grandmother's 42 inch oak round table eating fried chicken every Sunday along with mashed potatoes and usually green beans. I always wanted dessert and some Sundays Grandma had a pie made, loved it .My favorite was her chicken and dumplings
She always made a white coconut cake on Easter. That is the only holiday I remember the white coconut cake being make. But I don't remember everything when I was a kid LOL

          I wanted to arrange my cook books so I could see some of what I have  too many to stack this way
           I separated them down to two stacks sit my pug book ends on top                                                                                                                      

I put my bottles of vitamins in my silver covered casserole.

I thought I would put some of my old sterling silver in some of my silver tea and coffee pots
My ladle's need cleaned up with silver polish but didn't  get it done. Now some things have to be perfect for me but not these.
                                                               Large tablespoons
                                                           Tomato servers

           Now I don't have a newer house with the $50,000 dollar kitchen but love my little kitchen
I love this large silver dome the little hobnail bottle has a fresh picked iris 

     Standing back looking what I did after I put tables in the garage and filled them with yard sale stuff then mowed the front and back yard . Now it time to rest

Another before and after my new yard shed 

AFter I painted it all white

I still have to get a ramp made to drive my mower into it.  then there is the flower beds around it. also a cute iron  bench but I have that already need to get it out there it's in the kitchen now. I would love to have an old weather vane on top.
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  1. Your kitchen is darling!!! I think your little makeover turned out beautifully:) Love that shed too!

  2. Oh I LOVE your kitchen! What great ideas you have!! Good job!!

  3. Love the silverware displayed in coffee and teapots. It is always a nice surprise to bring out hidden treasures to enjoy again. You have been seriously busy. Thanks for sharing.
    - Joy

  4. I love your kitchen, so sweet with the silver display!!!

  5. I LOVE what you did with the silver!!!! very cute!!!!

  6. Love all your silver with the flatware, it looks great! Love the way your new arrangements in the kitchen look, really love it! I love bringing forgotten treasures alive again as part of a beautiful new setting! Very, very nice. I'm also at TTT.

  7. Oh I love, love love it all. Your silver pieces are wonderful and your vignettes are fabulous. Love all the cookbooks also. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. I love the way you staged your kitchen with your wonderful silver and cookbooks! Your outdoor shed is looking pretty good too! I am obsessed with outdoor sheds these days and am thinking of writing a post. Would love to follow your progress on it...!

  9. Nice job! Maybe that's what I need to do to give my little kitchen a boost!


  10. Hello Janice,
    you are a clever lady! That rearrangement makes less work and is much cheaper than a complete remake. And it turned out beautiful. Sometimes a change is so easy to make. Thank you for sharing this reminder.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. You have the BEST ju ju--because it's painted in red!


    “If forced to make choices,” she said,
    “I’d go for the crimson and red.
    I’d let go of green,
    (Some think it’s obscene),
    Embracing magenta instead.”

    Dancers in Red

  12. I was smiling the entire time...I can just feel the love of this kitchen. I adore how you've used those silver pots. What a lovely room. :)

  13. Your new touches make the kitchen look darling. Great ideas!
    Blessings & Hugs,

  14. What great unexpected uses of the silver and so much change. Love it all. Great ideas.

  15. You make me feel like pulling up my sleeves and rearrange things right now. I love the silver.

  16. Stopping over from Remodelaholic. Love the changes you made to your kitchen. All of your silver pieces are beautiful!

  17. That white shed is adorable ... I could almost live in it!

    Sammy the dog is coming along nicely .. thank you for asking about him. His stitches are out, his fur is beginning to grow back. His eye still looks different but we're hoping it improves with time.

    Have a spectacular weekend.!!!

  18. Dear, dear blogger,

    I want to come to thank you for coming to post a comment on my Mother's Day post. Blogger had some maintenance issues for the last two days and we were all unable to leave comments at some point and it is now that I come to visit you. Yes, loosing your mom in such a quick time period to cancer is the shock of one's life...I hope to see you again and I hope Blogger doesn't give us any more problems because making connections with wonderful people has been such a great experience!

    LOVE YOUR MAKEOVERS!!! SO WONDERFUL...God bless you! Anita

  19. Love your kitchen and LOVE your silver dome!! I am always keeping an eye out for one of those-just gorgeous! :)

  20. Oooh, all that silver - you must be a Queen! I like the cookbook vignette with some standing and some sideways with the dogs on top. Pill bottles under cover? Genius! Love it all!

  21. LOVING your garden shed all white pretty....and I adore that silver pretty...come and visit and follow along...nice to meet you, Mariaelena

  22. I love what you did with your kitchen counters! So creative and resourceful! I don't have a fancy kitchen either.

  23. Your kitchen is sweet and cozy and I LOVE it!

  24. Great looking shed, and your silver is wonderful!