Friday, May 6, 2011

In My Kitchen with Paula & Cheryl

Hey ya'all

Today(Thursday) I decided to make cupcakes because when I got home from work Paula Deen and Chery Day from Back In The Day Bakery Savannah Georgia was on food network making cupcakes.
I wish the picture was better but I was in a hurry to get it

Below they are eating lasagna
Chery's recipe for these old fashion cupcakes is on page 72 of the new Where Women Cook.
I met her when I was in Savannah last October . I had heard about her now very famous bakery.


Also since a certain baby named Mason in my family is having his 1st birthday party Friday(today) May 6th I can take these to his party.

I am not good at all this baking from scratch because it never turns out perfect every time but guess that is true with any of us. getting all my ingredients together.
   I got these little Peter rabbit  cupcake papers at William Samonia  when I was In Kansas City

         OK here I go

           Well let me say the second batch is always better with me because I make a total mess of the first time trying a new recipe I put to much batter in the cups

I had cupcakes every where in the kitchen

  I have to say that butter cream icing is the best  page 73 of Where Women Cook like what use  to be on wedding cakes now it's fondant

        here's to ya girls my version of good cupcakes made from scratch


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  1. They look fabulous! I love cupcakes. And those little bunny cutouts are just darling! I'm sure your family will love them.

  2. Cupcakes are one of my favorite vegetables!..;-)

  3. Oh yum! Thanks for sharing with Sweets This Week. It's nice to 'meet' you. I'm off to check out the rest of your blog :)

  4. Love it! That is a friday's favorite
    for sure :-)

  5. It's always good to have some sweets around the house. Never know when a sweet tooth will attack. I am following your blog. Stop by and check out our blog sometime.


  6. Look great, I'll bet they're a big hit at the party:@)

  7. They turned out great! I love this icing and wish wedding cake icing had not changed. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  8. Yum!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Fresh-Cut Friday!!! I really appreciate it! :)


  9. I enjoyed watching your make the cupcakes "from scratch". And I know already that little Mason will love the bunny rabbit on top!! Ya'all have fun at the party!

  10. Ooh...yum...and I love the cute Peter Rabbit decorations! Should be a fun party!

  11. Very cute cupcakes! Love those papers and picks. Thanks for joining me for Flashback Friday :-)

  12. I am a self proclaimed cupcake NUT job ~ these are so super cute! Great Job!!

  13. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!