Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Kitchen smalls

I never really loved Pyrex till everybody in certain circles of mine said how they loved it and wanted pink sets.
Seems pink and turquoise anything has been going around some time now.Well anyway this estate sale I attended Saturday has some blue Pyrex dishes and I thought my friends would be upset with me if I passed on them so in honor of my Pyrex friends I got them

I guess so I could brag on finding some to match a small little covered dish I found at a shop for $4.00
This large dish would sure hold a great recipe of chicken and cheese  enchilada

                           This is the first little one I found and since blue is my favorite color

I put one of my green jadeite bowl on this ole rusty flower pot holder .I am putting items in the garage for the sale Monday and Tuesday this week and thought guess someone could use this to hold a bowl but not my jadeite

                the lid to the small casserole I didn't know lids matched the pattern on the bowls



Here is another one of my creations LOL I seen this back last winter so had to add jewels to my old silverware. These were some old clip on earrings

  This is the coffee pot I had my silver jeweled silverware in

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  I wanted to say my yard sale Monday and Tuesday this week went very good. I let go of a lot of vintage, rusty, iron, metal, and linens.

At 6pm last night when I was putting things away and getting out the ole garbage bags a girl stopped by had Minnesota licenses plates on her car and just seen my yard sale so anyway just stopped to see what I had.
She started making her a pile of vintage leather coin purses and vintage pillowcases and asking prices on odd dish items. I said just put everything you want in a pile and we will negotiate on a price.
She ended up with so much stuff we like to never got it all in her little car because she had a chair and a huge laundry basket plus lots of clothes.
I asked her if she was moving she said no just going to the laundry mat.
well anyway LOL.
I gave her a 3 drawer cabinet plus lots of dishes 2 lamp shades 2  western leather belts , 2 serving bowls and 2 odd place setting of lenox dishes.
She gave me $10.00 and I was happy to rid my garage of all that.
 she was cute tall and thin  and was carring a play boy bunny bill fold LOL

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  1. I like your pyrex. I would love to have that color blue! I have the olive green and a few other colors. Many years ago, I had the pink, when it was brand new.

    I have the green. That color in my collections started with J's mother's mixing bowl. White with the green. I've since added to that color over and over. Some green with white flowers and some white with green flowers. I actually use mine just about every day and really like them.

  2. Pyrex certainly has been around a long time, but it wears like iron! I have a few pieces that were my mothers.The blue and white is very pretty.

  3. Neat! I collect old Pyrex dishes too, and Fiesta ware. In a moment of madness I gave my jadeite to my future daughter in law....who ended up not being my daughter in law. Live and learn!!

  4. Kitchen stuff has become a big thing in the antique and collectors world. I see you are among them. Richard at My Old Historic House

  5. You're getting quite a collection going on here. I love that pattern and of course, the jadite bowl. What a great idea to add the vintage jewelry to the silverware...very clever.

  6. I find it hard to pass up a pretty colored pyrex bowl lately. Love the earrings on your old silverware. I'm glad you decided to keep your rose dishes!!! Although I would probably love to find you at a flea market selling them :) Thanks for leaving a comment today....about the rose dishes!

  7. Hi Janice, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad to visited me. You sold all your vintage linens? Oh, darn, wish I would have been there. I am so into linens right now. Hey, the pyrex is great. Haven't gotten any of that, only the pieces I have had forever. . I see lots at the thrift store I go to. I can't start collecting pyrex. . . I already have the collecting bug for too many things. And I can't seem to part with them. Hope you will stop by again. I check out your blog all the time. Great posts. Thanks for sharing, Karie

  8. Now, that blue Pyrex is wonderful. Love it.

    Yep, my entire house is also furnished in THRIFT. And, it didn't dawn on me until you mentioned it but MY mattresses are new, too. WOO HOO...:))

  9. Beautiful simple pleasures post!!

    Glad to be following you now...

  10. Glad you found the Pyrex but what I really like is the story about your unexpected visitor. Those kind of stories make life special.

  11. I love how you decorated your spoons!! What a GREAT idea!! Thank You for sharing!!

  12. I love the silverware idea - so cute! And the pyrex - I remember taking all mine to goodwill, probably about 1980. You live and learn. It is costing me a fortune to buy back all my pretties!

  13. I love your blue pyrex! It's so cheerful! I also love the jadite dish in the planter piece and your cutlery in the silver coffee pots. Too cute!...AND.....Of course I LOVE your boudoir doll lamp! *winks. And I would LOVE to see more pictures of her!....Oh and I wish I could've been there for your garage sale *winks* That gal scored!! Vanna

  14. I like your blue Pyrex, and I like your have a gift of observing things around you...I like that! Thank you for sharing your designs. The jeweled silverware is cool! Cherry Kay

  15. Wonderful collection of the whimsical flatware!

  16. LOVE that color of pyrex - I was just thinking that I would love to startcollecting those...however, should I really start another collection?!! lol!! Love that silverware jeweled up - great idea (plus we're big silverware we are just lovin' your kitchen!!)

  17. Love the blue pyrex!! And love your silverware all dressed up -- great idea and great way to display them in that coffee pot!

  18. I was really happy to arrive this site. I needed to thank you for this fantastic collection!! I certainly enjoying every small bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out fresh things with you write-up.