Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drawer Tresaures

I have been cleaning up a guest bedroom because I am having company and wanted to clean out drawers anyway to see what all I had stashed away in this room while cleaning.I know in this bedroom I have jewelry and purses in a dresser.Also a lot of family pictures and memento's.

I have always been fascinated with old going out type evening purses and dresser items. I have picked a few up from time to time the old Hollywood type things or maybe I could say when back in the day when you went out for dinner and a night club you really dressed up fancy lacy dresses nylons with a seam up the back had your hair fixed just right makeup perfect costume earrings and necklace to match. Shoes and purses matched unless you were caring a Carry All type bag. I have a few of those and when I first seen them in antiques shops they remined  me of a friend of my grandmothers who use to really dress up back in the day. She had furs and I always wanted to dress like this lady named Edeen.

I had an Aunt in St Louis and she really dressed up a lot also because her and Uncle Herb attended a lot of events for Eastern Star. Uncle Herb had his tails on. He liked the tuxedos with tails.
Now days how often does the average person wear tails and formals? Never In my family.
Aunt Lou gave me one of her old lace formals the last time I visited her in St Louis . I always thought as a child she was a big woman however her dress is small I couldn't fit into it now.

This old man's pocket watch was to good to pass up at an estate sale and I liked it on this tray

Now here is some of those old lipsticks with rhinestones on top

See if you can guess what is in this little thing? sitting on a carry all purse

I got this in a box of more little lipsticks once and was so surprised when I opened this and it was a cigarette holder. A lady would use this instead of just hang a cigarette out of the corner of her mouth when dinning out back In the day of course. No filters on Camel cigaretts

There is another very small lipstick that is open and a small rouge

Rhinestone on your glasses? Love them

I had a prescription of mine put in these and wore them one day and my girlfriend said take them off you look ugly I guess like Ugly Betty  LOL So much for my retro look

Just some more items in the same drawer I love bangle bracelets
 A closed Jewelry casket I guess you call it

Opened with my celluloid jewelry in it. a friend gave me this necklace that has the leaves. The earrings and pineapple pin I am sure was in boxes at auctions. The red and gold earrings feel so good. You know how good some old jewelry just feels good?

     This is a project to get this shelf cleaned off in the studio. It was going to be a before and after picture but I got distracted and didn't get the after done
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  1. Love it all, hope you are doing OK. Thinking of you. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. What a cute stuffs. happy Rednesday....mine is up...

  3. Oh my goodness, I just adore every single piece..I adore these items so much and always on the hunt for more to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing these beautiful items with us.

  4. great treasures! I thought sure that whas a lipstick! cig holder? cool!

    how funny the ladies were back then


  5. What fun all the dresser trinkets and bling are ... thank you for the little peek inside! I adore those cat frame glasses with the rhinestones ... give them another shot, I'm sure they are fabulous on you!

    Thanks for joining in on Voila!

  6. So many wonderful vintage items-my favorite are those fun glasses!

  7. If I was going to be your guest I would not want you to clear everything out. Such delightful treasures to discover and play with.

  8. I have a nice collection of my grandmother's evening bags. She and my grandfather went to many fancy functions; he was a member of various service organizations (many which were branches of the Masons).

    Too bad those cat eye glasses didn't work out for you. They are sweet!


  9. Hi there! Thank you so much for coming by and joining our Inspiration Friday party! You have some amazing treasures and I love how the blue jars look on the shelf. :-) My daughter has a very similar little iron stove for her dollhouse and just loves it. Hope to see more of you in the future!