Monday, April 11, 2011

Table Tops

I was a hostess at a ladies luncheon Saturday  and we all decorated our tables different it was each hostess choice how to decorate. I use to use my best china and this year I decided to do something different. Since I had just made all those buttons flowers I thought I would show them off at this luncheon.

I used my old ironstone platters for plates and odds and ends of coffee cups and saucers, all in the same color tone. Used  some of my old sterling  coin silver spoons and pearl handled knifes.
I used warm and gentle quilt batting for place mats and I did use some of my best white lined  monogrammed napkins tied the napkins up with a piece of coffee stained lace.

I set a little spool with a button flower in it at each place setting. Then under each platter I put a packet of flowers for just a little treat.
Everyone seemed to love it and I just love seeing how everyone decorates their table . We each had 8 ladies at our tables. I am not sure how many tables were set but before the luncheon started I did get a few picture to share with you.

Click on pictures to make them larger

The above was all my table and now here are a few of the other tables while ladies was setting them up

    This might make the table top blogs A Stroll through life


  1. Such fun tables! So creativity each one. I love yout stone wear it is beautiful with the accents of the bottons. So perfect!
    Im sure this luncheon was a delight for all

  2. All this tables make me happy. I really like your "brocante table", so lovely! Wish you a nice sunny week, Antonia

  3. Oh my... I would have so wanted to sit at your table with all the charm and personality in my style... So Sweet...

  4. Hi!
    I like your paintings...I want to thank you for your comment on my side...You wrote your comment in German was not quite grammatically correct...I assume that you have taken the google translator :-D...I think it's great when someone makes the effort in his own language to write...I also use the translater ;-D..because my english is not good enough...sorry...:-D..I'm a follower from your side now...this side is awesome...very much better than my...I salute...I wish you a lovely week!!!!!

  5. I loved all the tablescapes. Yours was unique. I spied your teapot. I have the base that it sits on plus the salad plates and more. Haven't been able to find teapot. Boo hoo

  6. I love the photos of the button "flowers"!!! Love it! Following back! Thanks for stopping by. Richard & Sissy do have a lovely home!

    My kitchen post has been very popular and featured on many other decorating blogs! It's been very exciting!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  7. I LOVE your table! How creative. I never would have thought to use batting as a placemat; it looks great. I am coveting your button bouquet and the darling little spool vase at each place setting. The brown and white cups and saucers are perfect in this 'scape.
    Buttons, bobbins, and brown.
    Oh my goodness, I just love it all.

  8. Lots of talent in those few photos...and lots of inspiration. I love your button flowers. Thanks for sharing.