Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rearranged again

I should say shelf rearranged. People who don't like stuff would think it is piled up. But all creative bloggers love our stuff what ever it may be,  right?
This is the shelf I didn't get cleaned off Wednesday so got to it first thing this morning.
I have a couple versions of it. You will have to look on my last post for the before. I can't find the picture in any folder where I am

             Well I didn't like this much better than piled up



Anyway I changed my mind and i am going to put my blue jars there


I just love these little crowns i got at Target durning the Christmas season I have used them on cards jars and anything that needs a gadget hanging from it

           MIlWAUKEE  this would be great for you northern gals to use on altered art items, came off my 50 year old furnace
Grandma's McCoy flower pot she had African violets in this she  loved her McCoy pots

Here is a few items going in the sale , what ever sale yard sale or flea market sell in May

                          I thought I had sold them all but there was more
I sold a lot of these signs last time I set up at the open air market and it is again Memorial week end Saturday only at Artichoke Annie's on interstate I-70 Millersburg exit close to Columbia Missouri

I realized I had this old glass carrier

             One more surprise for me this amaryllis started blooming? Back in December it got broke off and the stem has grown back and now blooming  I like blooming flowers anytime
                               Big Earrings anybody?
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I found I Heart Naptine and joined her Sunday LInky

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It is Table Top Tuesday  at A Stroll Through Life and I always have  my table top dishes posted on a different day LOL



  1. You have some awesme items. Looks like you will ahve some great finds.

  2. Love your blue jars. They were half price at Hobby Lobby this week but they were clear. I'm holding out for the gorgeous blue ones like yours.

  3. I drool everytime I see those stunning Mason Jars. Im in Aussie and I would love to buy some but the postage to out here is crazy so i just drool whenever someone puts photo's of them up. These are probably very common place to you but they are like the antique that always escapes me lol. Love your piccy's.
    Happy Pink Saturday


  4. Happy Pink Saturday! I caught my breath on the McCoy vase. I have one just like it. It too was my grandmother's! Nothing ever grows in it so I stuck an artificial vine in it. And, what drew me were the jars. I have one of those. The lid just about always cuts or threatens to cut my hand when I open it. Happy Pinks! Jenn

  5. Wow, you have lots of stuff. I love the goblets and the glass carrier.

  6. What a beautiful collection of Mason jars. Love it~

  7. Leaving you a versatile award over at my site please come pick up. Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures with us all.

  8. Your blue Mason jars are sooo pretty, and how clever of you to use the crown Christmas ornaments that way. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  9. I'm in Missouri too! Do you have a shop?

  10. You have a wonderful collection of Mason jars. Those glass jars of buttons made my heart take a leap!!! ~~Sherry~~

  11. I love the blue jars there...that is a great collection and the tiaras...over the top glam!

  12. Love your blue jars!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  13. Hello Friend. Glad you are up and about. Thanks for stopping by. We wished you could have been at the party. Come any time. Richard at My Old Historic House

  14. You have an amazing collection. I don't know that I could bear getting rid of those wonderful blue Mason jars. I can just see them on a number of tablescape designs. Wish that I was closer to Missouri. Thank you for sharing your stash of goodies. Cherry Kay

  15. Oh my goodness I love all this stuff. I'm one of those gals that loves this and that, and bits and baubles. The office and hardware signs call out my name. So glad to see you over at my little space. Seed packets are yours if you would like. I can't hop all the way there, but I certainly can bundle them up and send them to you. Let me know! This is my favorite time of the year. Spring...

  16. We like a lot of the same things!

  17. I really like the old signs, do you shop to California ?