Monday, December 6, 2010

Trees Trees and more Trees Love it

I have 2 more little silver trees and just had to put them someplace in my studio to show. I really have plenty to put on them. I want to decorate a tree with paper cards and old Christmas post cards so I am also working on that of course right now I am resting tired of going up and down the steps

I have this little sled full of old post cards and they bring me  much pleasure every year looking at them

This little tree is on top of a table in my east window I painted this table silver and it turned out wonderful. A friend bought those tables advertised on Ethan Allen  commercial the little  silver 5 legged table. I haven't seen them yet but I know they are out of this world gorgeous.

The blue showing through is wine bottles I have setting in my window

I have cookie cutters and old kitchen utensils on this wire tree and I leave it up all year
 in my studio

I just love this gold tree with my gold slippers on it I have it in my kitchen area on top of my chippy shabby white cabinet

       One more thing I am working on is my Welcome sign for my front door. Remember when I was showing my purchases from my Savannah trip? well I stopped in a shop in Paducah Kentucky and bought this cardboard lady. I altered her shirt and made it A chalkboard. What I have written on it is not what I want but I was practicing  on what to say besides Welcome.

See her shirt was  a pink now it's chalkboard I also put an old velvet collor on her
I am putting all red ornaments on this tree I've decided

I also went to a small town in Missouri named Boonville Mo and went on a home tour. A friend of mine had her house featured  on the tour and I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful the little town was decorated. I found a small bakery in town and had a cupcake and cup of coffee after the tour.
I did not take any pictures of Sherry's house however the local newspaper did an article on her house if you type in Sherry Broyles home tour it comes up on the Internet.
I only took a picture of one house I always feel embarrassed to ask if I can take pictures.   

This house was huge the 25 year old young man who owned it had 30 trees in the house. The wreath on his front door had skates in the middle .



  1. You just have the most beautiful things - I want to shop where you shop!!

  2. Love your trees and what a beautiful House! Lezlee

  3. What a fun read this was. I'm on the hunt for a silver tree like I had in the 70's. You stuck the branches in a silver piece of wood. When the children were small we decorated with blue Christmas balls. Loved it. I could never afford the color wheel but now it's highly collectible and I still can't afford have a 3 ft silver one up north and want one for the Florida place. Ebay wants way too much money so I'm checking the thrift shops.

  4. oh, i just love the little trees! all of them!

  5. So many beautiful treasures in all of your posts ! I love your welcome lady.Very festive and fun. Great find!

  6. Hi,

    Your trees and your blog are delightful!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi,