Friday, December 3, 2010

Birds In My Tree Also Rhinestones

I just love moving all my decoratins around from room ro room trying to figure out where I really want them.. I keep thinking of another way to place something I need to set them down and leave then alone. This is my angel song book, made out of an old church hymnal. My sister gave it to me one year for my birthday

  I can see clearly now, found my vintage glasses. Not sure what they call these maybe just girly magnifying glasses.

OF course I bought them because they have rhinestones on them
I have this ribbon and rhinestone pin on my  lamp shade in my living room and it's been there all year

Grandma's reindeer, I think there is a funny song about Grandma and a reindeer? These are  Hallmark and she used them every Christmas so I am also
     I have this little sparkle tree and had some ceramic birds I bought last year after Christmas on a 90% off sale  so thought might as well use them . Not sure really what to do with them so put them on this little tree until I think of another use for them.

        I put some of my old shoe clips and rhinestone pins on this sweet little soft white fluffy tree I got it at Target after Christmas sale last year. I also took it outside to get a better picture sometimes inside my picture just don't show up a pretty as the article really is. That is where the professional photographers had much better pictures on their blogs.

I bought this beautiful Gold ball and rhinestone  pin at the flea market in October  for $2.00!!!!I couldn't believe it when this girl said $2.00 home it came with me.
The green rhinestone pin has one set missing and I gave a quarter for it.
The big rhinestone shoe clips was in a bag with others at a estate sale and I think I gave $12.00 for the bag of about 7 sets
  OK now I need to get back inside and get things straighten up and put away. I still have my big white tree to decorate and the idea as what to do with it hasn't hit me yet. I thought about using my old shinny brite ornaments
 or?????????don't know yet



  1. Every thing looks so beautiful. I love all the bling. Have a great day.

  2. Thank you for stopping by at my blog!
    Hope you will have a nice day and weekend.
    Many wishes from Mia in Sweden

  3. The gift your sister gave you of the angel made out of an old music book is so sweet.Several years ago I made a few folded books like this for a home-show house our construction company built, and we used them for wall art in the library.So I may try to make an angel for my daughter-in-law's English class room. I am really jealous about your white fluffy tree from Target, what a great find!

  4. Memories of loved ones and treasures they have given us always make the best Christmas decor. The shoeclips have me drooling and we used to have one of those cutie pie reindeer, but I don't know where it is right now. Thanks so much for linking up with a great post!