Thursday, December 9, 2010

White Tree has changed her skirt

I finally decided how to decorate my white tree with what I already had . Once I was going to put white dollies on it but didn't have enough crochet ones to really make it look good.Once I thought I would just put rhinestones pins all on it and then thought that would look better on a small tree.
I decided to do red and a little different instead of putting my garland around the tree I put it diagonally


I thought the tree looked good in my red room my office

    I am still looking for a few items to add to it also I have changed the shirt several times I have  red tulle under it now   can't decide if I like the white lace tablecloth or the red tulle. I know I like my red and white cups on it.
Now I need to get to cleaning like a mad woman to get things ready for Saturday 's party. Tonight when I get home from a diner party I am making some dips and some spreads I am trying out this year. I am making cranberry punch with frozen ice cubes with a cranberry in each ice cube then a ring in the middle of the punch bowl with cranberries in it.     
I also need to get my table set and find all my candles I want to use .
Oh wait just a minute I still don't have my tree up in my bathroom I left  it decorated all year so that won't be much trouble.  I put one in my bathroom last year for the first time . Then on my guest bed I put a little  shinny village  .                                          
Joy      the owner of a very savvy blog  said put a plaid skirt under my tree so I tried it here is the latest picture. This was the largest plaid thing I have. It's a longaberger tablecloth that I got in a box of other items I wanted  at an auction



  1. Your white tree is lovely and that red makes it look really different. That's a good idea for your punch bowl. take care.

  2. All of your pretty Christmas trees! And you were so creative with this white tree. I love the red & white transferware cups! How clever of you... :-)

    If you have a chance to head over to my blog, I'm doing a Giveaway right now... Might be something you'd like!

  3. Hii Janice
    Thanks so much for stopping by and I am so glad you are coming yo my B party!
    I have a couple stars left, they are on my blog shop on my side bar. Thanks so much for your interest.
    I love your beautiful tree, the transfer ware looks fantastic on it!

  4. Hi Janice, thanks for stopping by and sorry about your little ceramic Grandma tree. I have thrown things out I regretted - feels awful. If you can imagine, my aunts cleared everything they wanted from my grandmother's house and left all the valuables (in my opinion) for me and Mum. They took all the new stuff. We took all the old stuff, the stuff with the memories. Unreal. Oh well, I have it now and they are realizing what they missed!!
    Yes, hold onto stuff a while - I put things in my basement a while before they go to the graveyard (garage). : )
    xo's Terri

  5. I love the red and green against the white tree and it looks great! Have a happy holiday!

  6. love love love the teacup ornaments ...
    how about an old red plaid tablecloth for a tree skirt?

    thank you for all the sweet compliments ....
    I adore helping people with blogs

  7. Girl I love your white tree! The red tea cups are the best, and yes the plaid skirt looks great!