Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Was A Success / My Cold garden Shed

I had a very good turn out for my girls party even though the wind was blowing 40 miles per hour the day started out nice then rain then high wind then frigged cold wind then snow then I gave out.

After everyone left I made 3 dozen peanut butter reindeer cookies for a cookies exchange I am attending   after church. Needless to say I was so tired I couldn't hardly get to my favorite chair . Sissy was very tired also my party interrupted her naps.

It is so fun to see everyone and catch up on what's going on. One friend drove down from Troy Missouri. We worked together once and I hadn't seen her for 4 years. I just sent her an invitation because I was thinking about her never dreaming she could make it. She is a fairly newlywed and her sweet husband drove her down.

                                           My creations

                                           Not my creations these came from a local grocery

Here is the cutest large cookie My friend Jo made it and brought it to the party. It is a huge snowman  sugar cookie . I have it  on one of my large silver platters if that tells you the size of the snowman

     One of my guest  Liz brought me these little wine glass coasters also a bottle of wine. They are made out of Christmas material so cute. Gail brought me a  snowmen dish towels and pot holder set. Sue brought me a pedicure set with slippers included. Very nice hostess gifts. Robin brought me a tin of chocolate peanut butter balls.
 Jo and I always exchange Christmas gifts so after my other guests had left we exchanged our special gifts to each other.
  Someone pointed out to me that I had the wrong setting on my camera that is why this picture is so yellow darn it


I bet I remember to check my setting on the camera from now on.
Here is a cocktail napkin for my cranberry punch, I was told it suited me very well    Thank You Sherry
Cranberry punch after the ice ring melted really was good I used cranberry juice and ginger ale added the ice ring and wall laaaaaaaaaaaaa

  In reverse order after and before shots of the punch bowl

As I as setting here writing this it is really snowing and blowing. Under the security light outside of my office window I am watching the snow blow and it looks like silver glitter blowing under the light I just love snow.

Well for lack of better pictures guess this is it for this lovely night

             The wind blew hard all evening and this morning I looked out my kitchen window and seen my little garden shed so decided to take it's picture. Now this is through my dirty kitchen window.

Also I want to add that I have the best neighbors really, I just looked out my front windows to see the blowing snow and there was a person all wrapped up shoveling my front drive and he did my front steps also. Thanks a lot Lee. Last year the high school boy across the street kept my drive clean. Like I said I have great neighbors all around me.                                                                      



  1. Love your red transferware~ so beautiful and everything looks so pretty! Loving your sweet reindeer cookies! Thank you for sharing at my party this week!

  2. A cookie exchange party sounds like so much fun! It's been ages since I've attended one. The cookies all look delish. And I have to say that I LOVE your toile settee. It's just gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  3. What a beautiful party you all had. Love all your photos. Hope you have a great day of rest today.