Monday, December 13, 2010

Love The Christmas Season

I just really enjoy having people over for the holidays and getting all my pretty dishes out and all the food of course.
Everyone is always so happy to see me and visit with my other guests it's just wonderful.

I want to have another party for New Year's

I just love these glittery cardboard houses. I have a pink one, blue one  and white

  When I bought this Santa at a Christmas craft show the lady had fresh holly and greenery in his back pack it smelled so good.

       I was down stairs going through my Mom's cabinet where I have all her dishes I kept and found these 3 white Bottle Brush tress that I found last year and I just love them. I wish I had , had them upstairs for my party but like my friend told me no one would have noticed them you have so much other things out on display. She was right.




This pattern  I haven't shown before


        I would love to have a set of these green transfer ware dishes. I don't see the green very often around here at estate sales

I would like to know if anyone knows if this pear shaped spoon has special purpose. I have two however the decorate holes in the spoon part is different.



  1. Love, love, love those white bottle brush trees - my latest obsession. Vintage ones seem to be pretty hard to find around here, or maybe I just got off to a late start since I haven't collected vintage Christmas until this year. I want to try making some of those little houses, too. Thank you for sharing the inspiration and sorry I can't help with the purpose of the spoon. My first guess might be something to do with oysters.

  2. Everything looks so pretty. I wish I could tell you about the spoon. My first thought was for olives or compote, but I really don't know.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. It's always nice to meet like-minded people.
    Interested to see your name - it's one of my names, spelt the same way. xx

  4. I think it is a nut spoon or olive spoon.

  5. I just realized the spoon is the exact pattern of my wedding silverplate set. Don't know if you have other pieces but the pattern is Oneida Spanish Crown. I have 12 place settings plus many serving pieces. I have bought a few pieces on eBay.

  6. Thanks Bella

    I am so pleased you told me the name of this silverplated spoon.

    Love that name Spanish Crown.

    I looked at replacement ltd and it shows to be a sugar spoon? with holes I guess so you won't use as much sugar? LOL

    Anyway thanks for the input. I know your set must be very pretty all together