Monday, November 1, 2010

New books I purchased also more of my trip purchases

Here I have pictured  books I bought on my  trip I bought this large hard back book about Jim Williams who owned the Johnny Mercer House in Savannah. It is written by his sister about his life as a designer in Savannah. I bought It after the tour from their gift shop.

Then In Atlanta they had Carolyn Westbrooks new book The French Inspired Home.

Then In Paducah Ky at an antique store I purchased this old hardback book named Christopher Radko book about Christmas ornaments the old glass ones. Also Romantic Style a better Homes and Gardens hard back book.


Here is an old record album I bought to use in my altered art books I think it will be great decorated


Here is an Savannah magazine I bought , I really enjoy books and magazines .

Now here is an old canister and bread box I bought to use in my studio I am going to put old papers in them that I use to make altered art cards etc. I have some paper labels I will use on the outside to mark what is in each one.


I just think the little southern belle girl on them is so cute with her big full dress on.

Now here is a cake carrier I bought to use as a cake carrier if I ever need to carry a cake someplace. I should say I really like old tin items, anything tin. I did buy some old tin  kitchen items like a flour sifter and dough cutter.


Here is just a few odds & ends of dishes I like. I am always attracted to pretty old dishes. Just like the entire world I do believe. Sometimes they just jump up at me, like here I am take me home. You know what I mean. Someplace I have some old platters with beautiful roses on each one. These little dishes are setting on a book shelf just as you go out my front door.

The little heart shaped hinged box is a Limoges I got it in Portland Oregon several years ago. This is all on one of my silver serving trays.


I hung this plate on the wall in my bathroom. It didn't have roses on it so it couldn't be with this group. That sounds snobbish doesn't it?

   I believe they are chrysanthemum's.

Rose platters I found to show I had carried them out to the flea market to sell and just couldn't let go yet!

Stacked together


 I went to my local library  for the 1/2 off book sale. They were all donated books. Most of them were really old books which I like. I picked up a couple that was French .

The little one with the music note of course is a song book all in french. It was so cute I had to have it .

                                                                     Here is a page in it.


I was out on the front porch last night taking pictures of these books and my neighbor kids always find it very interesting when I do this. They can't seem to understand what i am doing it for. They are from Bosnia. They speak English very well, however it is hard to understand their parents. very nice people I must say.

I was very pleased to find this dictionary. Now I must learn a few french words in case I travel abroad to France.

This book has a beautiful cover . Now I need a little book shelf for just all my old french books. I think a friend  gave me an old french book , I will have to find it and put it with these. I think it is on top of my high boy in my office.

This book is an old 1897 5th grade reader book. I think the cover is very pretty if you like old it's pretty. Besides history in this book there is bible stories which I think is very interesting to be in a school book. Won't find that in today's school books.


Here is some pictures of one of my projects. I have an idea to use one of my fancy drawer pulls in an altered necklace. I will be so glad when I can get my studio back in order and work on projects again. I  started painting this week end .


Sissy has a squirrel in her site. They drive her crazy she wants to catch one so bad.

I didn't mention the large book on the bottom of the stack, it is a law dictionary. I thought that would be interesting to read since I have 2 lawyers in my family.

Some script material I bought and new  hand soap and body milk  lotion. I bought it because of the cow pictures.   


  1. Love all the old books, especially the French song book - ooooh what a treasure!!

  2. C'est ravissant!

    ♥Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! ♥


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  3. What pretty dishes and love the French song book. I've seen the outside of Carolyn Westbrook's home, when I went to a sale in her fields by her house, where she has an old log cabin and another little house. It was a fun day. She lives in my area. Lezlee

  4. Lots and lots of goodies-I'll have to remember those books-I really look at books more in the winter and need to get started looking-thanks!

  5. Marbled covers are gorgous aren't they? I have several I want to list on Etsy and have sold quite a few. I'm down sizing but never seem to get my listing to the go point lol. Great finds and you had fun to boot! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

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