Saturday, October 30, 2010

Still unpacking treasures

I still don't have all my treasures unpacked and put away or just opened so I can take pictures. This coming back from vacation and going right back to work is hard on a girl. I still like my chair time in the evening I watched Auction Kings last night that is new to me never seen it on Tv.It was on history channel I think same channel as American Pickers.
I have a friend coming over to dig through boxes in my garage from the last time I set up at the flea market. she decided she wants some small crock bowls for chill bowls. I told her I had 3 brown crock bowls and a couple blue left.

Here is a window display at The Paris market in Savannah can you tell what it is? A scary thing I say.


Here is few pictures of items I bought on my trip The heart shaped cake pans I just had to have since they were $2.50 at an antique mall . I will make a real cute Valentine's cake or birthday cake for someone with them.

                                         I always want gold bangle bracelets
    I found some great old cook books I have one that the title is To My Darling Daughter someone already borrowed it so when it is returned i'll show you a picture of it.

This is a cake cover I bought and liked the old black finish on it . I bought it at the Country Living Fair.


                I got this cute tin pie pan at an antique mall someplace in Tennessee


 And the mixer also at the same place      


Also this It sure needs cleaned up but I will show it dirty

    Oh and I found some red and white dishes in Paducah at the Jeremiah's antique mall , they match what I already have

                  They have Mason on the bottom same as my plates

Here is my new jar with the black shells in it that I picked up on  Neptune beach in Florida.The end of Atlantic Blvd.



                I want to show one more thing I bought at the Belleville Illinois antique mall I just love them I am going to bake me a 4 tiered cake. The pans are really small I think not like a huge wedding cake  the top little pan will hold about 1/2 cup cake batter

          With the recipe paper                                                                    

 Won't I have fun with this? I think so if it turns out good I will bake one for my girls Christmas party I have every year

I found the name of the lady who made my altered art necklace

She has a web page also  this is how i found her

Heres the directions for the little bitty tierd cake pans that Miss Kuuless ask about, It says To use ready mixes



  1. I love seeing all the treasures as you get unpacked. I don't cook much anymore and rarely bake since the husband and I don't need to be having that stuff around (LOL!) but I think even I would have been tempted by the tiered cake pans. I can just imagine a pink and sparkly princess cake for my little granddaughter! Okay, here's a question. How do you know how long to bake each one since they are all different sizes?? Does that recipe paper say?

  2. Miss kluless I put a picture of the directions for baking the cakes in the little bitty cake pans and seems to me I won't let them cook that long. It says pour 1/3 full of batter and bake 350 for 25 minutes for the two small pans and 30 minutes for the top 2? we will see when I bake a cake. I bet it won't take that long. You gave me a good idea about the pink sparkly stuff I have some Martha Stewart pink sparkly stuff that I will use after I frost it. If I don't get carried away and dive into it after I bake it I will post a picture for you, but this may be early December.


  3. Oh what wonderful old stuff you have! The old cake cover is gorgeous! WOW! Hugs Yvonne

  4. Fun things! I especially love your old red Mason transferware (I think that's what it's called) dishes. Also - what a pretty necklace...made by a lady with a very pretty name! - Melody Elizabeth...

    Hope you've had a good Halloween!

  5. Great finds, have fun rediscovering them!

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