Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Time

Boy has it gotten cold here. It was like 34 here this morning and I was looking for a coat as I went out the door to work. The local weather channel said down to 29 Friday evening.
I have a few faux fur coats then one vintage mink. If I can get them all out of the storage room. i really don't like to wear my furs till it snows or gets in the 20's

Wire lady will have to model the coats for you all. well wire lady didn't make it out side. I just hung them on a hanger


I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! this coat is WILD I purchased it at the last flea market In Oct a lady had several fur coats
    I took them outside and took pictures behind my garden shed, Its white and it made a good background

This one I got at an estate sale and one winter when it was snowing I wore it to work It is an old mink.  I only paid $10.00 for this red fur. I will wear it when it snows. I just love fur coats in the snow, with my ugg boots and rhinestone jewelry on . I will have fun walking Sissy

I guess I was In a hurry , I have 2 fur coats of my Mom's and I wanted to show them. One she had made in the early 1970's at a shop In town, named The Purple Shop they special made coats to fit you.  I thought my Mom was big back then but it is a tight fit for me now it is so soft and pretty. I will get a picture and post it later today. I need to get to work.


I tell you this remodeling or fixing up painting has gotten to be a longer process that I would like. My painter has not arrived yet ! as promised so I put primmer on the windows downstairs for him then just decided to go ahead and paint them after the primer dried. Now I am not a very good painter but might be after I practice on my studio and downstairs bedroom. I couldn't  decide what color so just sticking to white then i can add color with different cabinets etc.

Talking about time here is another clock I have , it's a ship clock, a deck clock, I have the key that goes with it and it works. I really like the face , the antique shop where I purchased it said it is celluloid and was tested to be so. On the back you can see 4 screw holes where it was screwed down on the deck I guess.

                                             It looks like any other old clock key


We have a new goodwill here finally and I bought this picture for $2.00. Isn't she pretty ? love her dress

I went down to my favorite store that sadly is closing anyway they are down to 33% off now . They just got in all their beautiful Christmas decorations in . I love the feather trees. I purchased another Wendy Addison paper bird made at Tinsel Trading Company In New York City.

There is not another store in town to compare to this , guess I will be driving to St Louis or Kansas City doing my shopping now for Wendy Addison paper products.                                                                 


  1. Hello Janice,
    I am so going to enjoy keeping up with your creative postings. Thank you so very much for your comment on my recycled holiday gifting.

    It is so cute that you made mention the we are on the same design style wave length :)

    Keep on creating what you love, I am getting excited to see everyones creative Christmas idea's.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Cool fur coat and really great finds. I'd shop with you any day!

  3. I think that first fur is sassy and I bet you will look great in the second one with your UGGS and rhinestones, walking your cute pug!

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. You have a lot of interesting things posted here. I like old clocks too and have several of them hanging throughout the house, my favorite is the one my Grandfather brought with him when he immigrated; I still have the receipt from the purchase!(-:

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so pleased. I'll look for your blog. Hugs: *

  6. I often look at furs at estate sales but have yet to buy one...maybe I will. Thanks bunches for visiting me. hugs♥olive

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