Monday, November 15, 2010

More treasures I Love

There is so many beautiful things in this world to enjoy and for some reason I am just overwhelmed with all this stuff I have collected and stashed  in my studio. I had to resist going to another estate sale this weekend. I kept reading the listing and telling myself there is nothing there you want. I finally convinced myself and went to a King's Daughter Christmas bazaar. I bought a great necklace. It's one you twist around and make your own design. It's sliver , maybe named a twist necklace?


This is just so much fun.I am wearing it today .

I was downstairs this morning and I think I have my ribbon rack back where I want it. I just love ribbon and I guess I am a hoarder when it comes to some things like ribbon. this is just some of it.The rest is in the storage room.

I couldn't get them all in the picture

On the second round is my pink satin ribbon I used for the drawer pull on my little white bedroom end table. It didn't sell at the last flea market for $20.00 so I put it in the downstairs guest  bedroom.

I was just moving things around and want to show you think yellow (Vaseline) don't know what kind of glass but anyway I bought it at a yard sale a couple years ago and it is so not like me to buy yellow. However now I like it.

I ran across some old aprons patterns that are just to cute. I need to take time and make me an apron.

I  do need a party apron. I have a party every December and invite some of my girlfriends over for snacks and I really need to wear one of my party aprons this year.

       Here is one of   mine and Sissy's Christmas cards we are sending out this  year.    I seen these  at Marshalls yesterday and I thought oh there is me and Sissy on this card so had to have them. Of course the lady is a little slimmer than me and Sissy needs a black face and black velvet ears but we can pretend if the people recieving them can.



  1. I love those aprons. At our flea market someone made pillows with old pattern images on them...wish I had bought one (can't remember exactly how she did it!). What a perfect "snapshot" of another era! Lovely! Trish

  2. OH that would be so nice to copy the images from these old patterns to fabric. I am going to ask my sewing friend how to do that good idea Trish

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