Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm starting all over Like my first post due to loosing my pictures

This blogging thing can get complicated and has for me. I am always asking for help and some of you come through for me so thanks. What should I do about my previous post with lost pictures? should I just delete the previous post or leave as is?

This is a plate of treasures I had on one of my work tables downstairs. I am anxious to get back to creating and making altered art cards.

 this is on a shelf

I am amazed at myself of all the things I have collected and tucked away for a project. I really need to stay home every weekend this winter and create some things . Seems like I am better at driving all over the country buying things to create with than actually getting it done.

This was in an old candy box and is filled with old hair pins and hair clamps like where you use to do home perms. I am sure I got these in a box of stuff at an auction. What can I do creative  with old bobby pins?


Maybe we need to see some pretty things.


this is an old vintage celluloid necklace locket I think it was an old compact because it has a mirror under the lid. I bought it from a vendor at a quilt show once. she had lots of vintage jewelry which I crave.


This is a vintage man's watch I wear it like a bracelet. Wish the watch worked

here is a little cute tin I have with old plastic flower holders in. I took them out to focus on the tin      . I liked the color of it also.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I just love all my stuff and really enjoy using it to create. I wish I had some of my cards I made, to show I gave most of them away for different ocassions and have one of my favorites someplace. I had it hanging down from my light fiture over one of my work tables , pictures to follow I  can't describe it

Here is a few little drawers full of small treasures to use on jewelry & cards . I just love putting a rhinestone and old lace on a sweet card
                                                           anybody need a button?       I have lots more

here is a sweet little lamp I have sitting by the button table, in the Old Judge coffe jar is cookie cutters

How fun is these? I am going to glue one to the bottom of a card and attach an old piece of lace to the

This little tree is about 13 inches tall and real soft I have some of my old vintage ornaments on it . It is sitting under the shelf where the pink wreath is

These jewel tea dishes were my Mother's and just have to keep them she loved them

                        this is a messy shelf in Mom's cabinet where I have her dishes

Those cute little mice were hers also

  this is few of my vintage glass bead necklaces, I just hung them on  a window frame while I was arranging things

I did get this lard can cleaned up LOL and it looks so much better but didn't get a clean picture LOL I just learned to do this arrangement                                                                      
I am so upset because I lost all my pictures on my previous post  just sick                                                                                                   

         This is my Marie Antoinette shelf                                                                          



  1. You have the most unique collections! Love coming for a visit and snooping around...

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