Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleaning the silver

I thought I had best get my silverware out and get to cleaning it. I love to use my vintage silverware.Here is some of it . I open my chest in the kitchen and just pulled out a few pieces for show and tell today.
Also here is a bowl my sister wanted to put in one of my yard sales and of course it's in my kitchen for now.

           These are my ladles for my punch bowl and just a large serving ladle

     Also a    few serving spoons I just can't resist them at estate sales and a once in a while at a flea market I find a beautiful one I always look for my mother's pattern Coronations. It's the second from the left of the above picture.

These serving forks i was told the one on the far right is a lettuce fork. The one on the left i don't know for sure would guess pickle fork?

                    I just love coin silver spoons and only have 3 , my sister at one time told me she took a shoe box full to the salvation army store because she didn't know what they was. I about died. She knows now to give them to sister. She use to work someplace where people donated items for her to sell for charity and she didn't know these were coin silver spoons. We all have to learn hard lessons in life. I know I have learned things the hard way.



This is a few pieces I have of red Bakelite

I really like this butter dish and plan on using it my next dinner party it has a glass liner and I think it is very elegant   on its dainty legs                                                     

Here is a close up of my silverware pattern Coronation
        Also I hate to toot my own horn, but there's no one else to do it. Sissy hasn't caught onto the computer thing yet. Today is my Birthday .   My good friend Jo came into town yesterday and took me out to lunch at Red Lobster  neither one of us had been there for some time and it was nice. Tonight I have been invited to someone's house for dinner and was told she had a special cake made for me I love cake and what better cake than a beautiful Birthday cake. I also recieved some nice cards in the mail yesterday , one from one my sister Liz.


  1. OOOOOOOOOO I'm crushin' on your silver collection and the Peacock bowl...I love Peacocks...and Pugs, too, we have a little stinker named Bertie...Just became a follower, we have so much in common, it's fun! Lalo.

  2. Look at all these antiques!! The peacock is simply gorgeous! Really amazed with your collections!

  3. By the way, thanks for your comment on my post on Sunflower Seeds, appreciate that :)

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday-hope you had a wonderful day!!!!! Love all the details on the silverware!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!!!

  6. You have so many beautiful pieces. Perfect time of year to show them off!!

  7. Happy, Happy birthday!!
    I love your silver, how pretty. You have quite the collections and don't even get me started on your amazing bakelite collection. :o)
    Love it all!
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. Oh yes, Happy Birthday! Your silver collection is great!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  9. I just love old silver pieces too. It is so much fun to find out what they were especially made to do. I had never heard of a lettuce fork, but it is cute! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

  10. Happy birthday!! It's my birthday too! I bet I'm at least twice your age.
    I love your silver...I always buy it when it's cheap. I've got quite a lot now. I especially like the serving utensils also!

  11. Hello ;o)

    so i wish you a nice Birthday and many many beautyfull presents...*smile*

    hurtly hugs tine

  12. This is my first visit here, and I am happy to meet you. Happy Birthday and Red Lobster sounds like a great choice for a meal.

  13. Janice - thanks for stopping by...glad I found your blog - looks like we might enjoy a lot of the same things. I LOVE the peacock bowl and all silver - just beautiful! Would love to know where you got the fabric in the pug pillow on your sidebar - have a friend that has two. Happy Thursday - Tanya

    hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy yor special cake...Sue.

  15. well, that was fun!! I love silver too and so enjoyed seeing your beautiful old pieces. I am visiting you via Faded Charm!!

  16. Oh! These are all so lovely. And, Happy Birthday. Thank you also for taking the time to visit me and leave such a nice comment.(-:

  17. Happy birthday! Treat yourself special. You have some beautiful serving pieces. I think the peacock bowl is gorgeous! Have a great weekend! Connie

  18. Love your silver collection!! Have you ever tried cleaning your silver with hot water, tinfoil, and baking soda?? I do it all the time, it's amazing!!

  19. Thanks girls for all my Birthday wishes. I loved them xoxoxo


  20. Janice,I too have a passion for antiques.Just to think and wonder about who's home these items might have been in and the stories they could tell.Now that I am older I think about the things I will hand down. Will my beloved treasures end up in an antique shop,and will someone as sweet as you buy and love them...I hope so.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog home, and leaving a comment.I am so new to this,but seeing a new comment and meeting another blogger is such fun.Visit me again, I would be thrilled!

  21. I love your silver!

    I think the left fork in the fifth and sixth pictures is a lobster or seafood fork.

    I like the Coronation pattern! Someone gave a set to me as a gift, so they are really meaningful to me.


  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a lovely time you have planned, and I know it will be loads of fun for all.

    I've just looked my eyes full of your "old" silver---I've acquired great chests of it over the years, just because of the pretty of it---very little of it sterling, and some of it quite worn, but I just love the HISTORY as well as pattern and shine.

    says rachel, wondering idly what you have in your great storehouses you'd care to swap for four coin teaspoons. Also, do you ever come across pink Melmac in your buys and travels?

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