Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just like Christmas since I can post again/ missing pictures ???now what??

I have messed up my blog, I deleted pictures to make room for more , and now they have been removed from my last posts . Oh well guess I will carry on. I wondered why all of a sudden I had pictures missing but guess that is why. What a hard lesson to learn , live on the air.

I have been working on getting my studio back in order of Where Janice Creates. I don't have everything back but it is really coming along.The new paint job is fabulous, so happy with it. Next I want to paint my wooden steps. My friend said just carpet them. In my book of projects I have to do and things I love I have a picture of painted white steps and I love them so I think it's paint for sure.

This sweet morsel lady was on the top of an old cigar box it just fell off when I picked up the box so I tucked her into the shelf on one of the book shelves downstairs

I just love these old china head dolls and the bodies is real old muslin material also looks very dirty now that think about it. The Charles Dana Gibson paper doll I made really copied it on card stock then added her scarfs and hat.

  After getting things placed around in their own little cubby holes and shelves I started seeing lots of my Christmas things so just displayed some of them as I  ran across them. Hope it's not to soon for you all to see Christmas. I have a lot of it out in my storage room year round.

This little pink wreath i got at Marshall's after Christmas sales and the vintage snowman on the bird a friend gave me it is very old, love it.

This is a metal tree  that I have lots of my metal cookie cutters on and I leave it up year round sitting in my guest bedroom downstairs. I have it back together and will try to post pictures soon.

This something I am always on the look out for I just love the old candy molds.                                                                                

I wasn't sure what to put in this little display case I have plenty of items to choose from and will more than likely rearrange it several time for for now I am starting with baby shoes.




 My Christmas cactus  is really blooming.

My vintage plastic Santa and his sleigh

                I want to say a very big thank you to Theresa  at  Garden Attqs Vintage  for telling me what to do to get more space for picture so I could post again .                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Love her blog also look at those favlous white boots


  1. I just love all your photos today! My first visit and I will be back when my internet will run faster. lol. Darling shoes and tree...wreath etc. Love it all!

  2. By the way LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous blog header!

  3. You have got me sooooo ready for Christmas to get have some really neat Christmas goodies!!!


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