Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Had a great shopping experience

I love to shop at malls flea markets and of course antique shops . Well after I got home and tried to get all this stuff put away it will take another day. I have to go to work tomorrow so maybe by Saturday I will have things organized.
I found a few old kitchen items I just love like this old glass Sugar jar I want to make vanilla sugar in it. I usually use 5lb sack of sugar and 2 vanilla beans. Mix together leave the lid on the jar for at lease a month and it will smell so good when you open it  and it is so good in cookies. I bought a little red plastic scoop to go into it.

Here is a few things I just love jewelry & rhinestones.

I just crave these little purses, I am planning on using them in an altered art necklace. While I was traveling around different ladies I talked with didn't know what altered art anything was. So I gave ideas that I hope they understand. Can you believe I didn't wear any of my jewelry I made while on my trip. I bought a fabulous necklace from a girl at the Country Living fair. I think her name was Elizabeth Mason, maybe Maxon. When I find her card I will correct myself.


She told me she got the ladies pictures off of some papers she bought at a Paris flea market. I tell you all these people who travel to Paris and I was thrilled going to Savannah Georgia and Atlanta Georgia.

While traveling through St Louis Missouri I stopped at the Galleria because I found online that the store Anthropologie was there. I read on different blogs where ladies say the decor is just breathtaking and the sweaters also. Well I agree. Here is some of the old furniture and the bedding was wonderful  forgot the name of the bedding but it is the material where script  writing is all over it. The pillow cases were $200. so I didn't price the other bedding.







                                           This is on a lamp shade


This was a really big wheel


             Ok the bedding , not a great picture but just wanted to give you an idea about it  . It is really beautiful and I would like to redo my guest room with this script writing however just spent that much money on my trip.                   




I just had to have another coffee cup only this one had my initial on it . I got it at this store Anthropologie

Here is some things I  bought these rhinestone shoe clips and a rhinestone button which I  have a jar full of  but can't not buy one when I find it.


The pictures of these bracelets are real plain but the gold ones are old slid bracelets, the clips open and slid back and forth so you can tighten it on your wrist. The rhinestone one I bought to use for a necklace. These bracelets were some I had seen In Paducah Ky at an anrique shop for a lot more money than what I paid for these I found In Belleville Il at an antique mall.
  Here is a few things I will go through tomorrow evening when I get home from work                                                                                


  1. Oh you lucky girl! I loved looking at all the pictures from your trip and it sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. I'm anxious to see what's inside all those bags!

  2. You DID have fun shopping! Lots of fun finds!

  3. I have an anthropologie 2 blocks from my home..Can you imagine the temptations?

    I have my coffee every morning in my anthro "Z " cup. : D


  4. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful PSE (positive shopping experience!). Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Ii can't wait to see the altered purses.


  5. Wow! You found some amazing stuff! My favorites are probably the old tins in your very last photo. Love, love, love old tins!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Holy shamoly...great finds. Love the pics of Anthro too. Am off to read your previous posts...

  7. Have you seen bracelets made from the shoe clips? 2die4!
    Was it Elizabeth Maxon (Elizabeth House) that you bought from? She's fantastic in her design work. BTW...she has two blogs and they're on my sidebar if you want to visit her.
    Wonderful shopping eye you have my dear!

  8. You got some good finds-I'd put holday colorful candy in the sugar jar and hang the purses on the wall together!

  9. Isn't it LOVELY picking out old itens to give them a new lease of life?

    I love that too!

  10. GREAT finds and beautiful necklace. We have an Anthropologie nearby...their linens are gorgeous but the price. I have a Basset Hound that sleeps with me every night so it just isn't happening at that price! lol Thanks for stopping by today. I'm following you!

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

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