Monday, October 18, 2010

Sisters Italian cookbook

My sister made up an Italian cookbook for a fund raiser for the company she use to work. Anyway in her little town is several Italian people and they all brought recipes to her and pictures of their families and Becky put this together. She sold them for $20. each and sold out. She made 2 more and I ask her for one. She made these by hand instead of paying a cookbook company to construct them. I was amazed. There is pictures of descendants of local people. She has cooked several of the recipes herself. Her next door neighbor Dotty gave her input also.

                                       Now I am hungry this is a good day for soup.


 It is  larger than a regular paper back fun raiser cookbook about the size of a 3 ring binder. She said she really enjoyed doing this. along with he recipes she put a little story about the families and when they arrived in America. Like a little history book also.

   When I was at my favorite little store that is closing I bought wire lady a companion sort of. Anyway they will both be in the same business of making my treasures happy by looking good.


I put that wild bright pink hat on her it was already setting on my chippy shabby cabinet so now it has a head to set upon.

The sun is in her pretty blue eyes so she closed them. Not trying to look snobbish.


The back of her beautiful red hair

  This side view is fun that hat is wild I can just see some well groomed lady with a hot pink velvet suit on with her gloves in hand .

    Also if I can I want to show you something from Faded Prairie  blog from Kristin 
                    janice with curtains in my tree...

for picking the name... Ollie                 for her little sweet cow on her header  I tried to copy her picture but just go over there and look around . She has the cutest up to date blog about all the rusty crusty metal stuff we like now days.





  1. Looks like a wonderful cookbook! And I love the mannequin head!

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