Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pictures of Savannah Georgia / Paula Deen/ Mercer House/ Jacksonville Fla

You all didn't know I am on a trip to the beautiful south. First stop is In Paduach Ky then onto Gatlinburg Tennessee then SAVANNAH Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole purpose of the trip. Then down the coast to Jacksonville  Florida to Neptune Beach. Then up to Atlanta Georgia to attend the Country Living Magazine Fair. I am just sooooooooo excited about this trip. I went to Savannah Georgia a few years ago when the movie Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil came out about Jim Williams an antique dealer who was on trial for killing his lover. Anyway we had a death in the family and was on our way to Jacksonville Florida and came back through Savannah Georgia. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to because a certain man in the group was not as entertained about seeing Savannah. Another thing back then Paula Deen was not nationally famous like she is now and I ate at her first  little Lady & Sons restaurant and have my picture out front back when it was in the market district I think it was called Anddddddddd I have her autograph in one of her early cookbooks. It says     Janice Always Do It Southern Style PAULA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I like Paula. back to the Country Living Fair Carolyn Westbrook will be there and I want to see all her beautiful lovely high priced bedding. I see pictures of it on her blog and it is to die for . I looked on the web site for the Atlanta show and seen a few more people I want to look up just hope I can remember all of them once I  get there and start running with my little pull cart thing I am taking( to put my purchases in). I bought early bird tickets for 8:30 am Friday October 22.

I am in Savannah Georgia now . Called home and Sissy is doing good per my house sitter and baby watcher.

I went to Back In The Day bakery and visited with Cheryl the owner!!!!!!!!I really liked her she was so nice and down to earth and girls she collects treasures just like us. She loves old linens, white once with pink & blue flowers. However she likes the old monogrammed lines also. She has a web page also. The only one I had seen was Back In The Day Bakery. She said she had an article about old vintage linens and while I was at the bakery another lady came in wanting to meet her because she had read her linen write up . So we were both there getting our pictures with Cheryl acting a fool having fun laughing etc.

Best darn cupcakes I ever ate. It was like eating a little wedding cake which I love. Her icing was heavenly, melted in your mouth like soft butter.

I will post pictures soon as I can. I just want you all to know I love this southern town. I was walking around Ellis Square last night after I ate at Paula Deen's restaurant. There was live music in that area and people all ages and from all over the world. I spoke with couples from London and two girls was driving all over the United States they were from Canada. Then I met 4 women from Kentucky. Just Lovely.

I am going to try and get tickets to tour the Mercer house this morning.

Ok here is a few pictures if I can get this lap top to preform for me.

 Of course this is Paula Deen's restaurant. I learned how not to stand in line to get a reservation take a tour and they give you a go to the front of the line pass. I just happened to be back by the Paula Deen's store for the 5th time so I got my name on the list for 6:30 pm last night.

                                    I didn't have to do this



I think this was a close up , of an apron 

Inside the shop it is really pretty


                                                 This looks like other store displays


This is the fresh air vegestable market where Paula used to buy her daily fresh vegestable for the Bag Lady

    The tour bus stopped and we all walked through the veg market
, I ment to show it with the other market picture. I am in too much of a hurry to get on the road again

   The tour bus stopped here for lunch we all had a char grilled oyster in the shell. I had low country boil that is where you cook shrimp, sausage,  corn on cob, potatoes all in the same pot with great seasoning, sure good eaten . also southern sweet tea ya all

I have another surprise about Savannah later

   This top of City Hall downtown on Bay Street. River walk is behind this. I was at a side walk cafe bar place sitting outside people watching.

  This is the street Paula Deen;s restaurant is on. I stayed at Inn at Ellis Square which was a 1/2 block walk to her restaurant.One great thing about Savannah there is good transportation. I took a taxi a couple times and a couple time I took the Pedicar  which is  a bicycle and a cart .

This is something I really enjoyed as much as Paula Deen,s  This is Jim Williams house where the movie Midnight In The Garden of good and Evil was about & filmed.
The tour was the court yard out back and the first floor of his house. We got to go into his office where most of the movie was. The huge tall grandfathers clock was not in the hall way. It is in the movie where his lover pulled it down and it crashed in the hall way in the movie. This was an old clock worth thousands of dollars.

The paintings was wonderful, I noticed a painting of a man who would go well with my pretty lady painting I have.I just loved being in this beautiful house. I bought a table top book all about the restoration of the house and other house Jim Williams restored in Savannah Georgia.

In the house no pictures were allowed. Also the tour lady made all these announcements of what to do and what not to do. She said no note taking about anything she said?

Well we were in the house about 30 minutes and in Jim' Williams office and she was talking about all the movies made at Merver House. Glory was one and I didn't know that and didn't want to forget the name of that movie because Danny Glover and Clint Eastwood and Jude Law( I think is the guy who played Jim's lover in the movie), was in this very room where I was standing, anyway I opened my big bag and whipped out a fan I had been given on a tour and found a pen really quick and wrote GLORY on this fan so I would forget to find that movie so I could see more of the house. Well anyway the lady seen me and I had forgot about notes!!!! she seen me and just winked at me I was so relieved. I didn't want her taking my fan away from me. I smiled back very big and notted my head like thank you lady for not making a big to do about me breaking the rules. Which I never do but I didn't want to forget that name. Glory

I need to get ready and hit the road. I am in Jacksonville Flordia now. I drove down here from Savannah Georgia to go visit my Grandparents graves and put new flowers in their vase. They raised me and I loved my Grandparents very much. They retired down here because my Grandpa wanted to live close to a brother of his which is buried in the same place.
I am on my way to Atlanta today. Tomorrow is the Country Living magazine Fair I have  an early bird ticket.

The beach at the end of Atlanta Dive on route 10  Jacksonville Fla



                                                                       on the beach

                                                                         Me on the beach                                                                         

           I have shells in these bags from Savannah. I walked for over an hour on the beach and even put my sun screen spay on. It was so nice. I got my feet wet in the ocean last night and this morning before i took off for Atlanta I went for another walk on the beach this morning before I left Jacksonville . Remember that movie   Something Has To Give? With Diane Keaton and Jack Nickleson Anyway he had her start picking up black flat rocks on the beach because she only picked up white ones.There were on the north eastern coast           So when I seen those black shells I thought of that movie and them walking on the beach picking up black rocks or shells.  I am going to put them in a tall glass jar of some kind.

I am at Stone Mountain Georgia  getting rested up to go to the Country Living Fair in the morning.

Talked with Liz and Sissy today.

later Jan                                                    .          


  1. My son is going to Denver tomorrow.
    I also would like to travel somewhere.

    Hugs from Maidi

  2. Hi Janice! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I just came in the house from working outside all day, so going to take a shower. I'll be back to look over your wonderful blog.

    I have never been to Georgia, other than flying a lay-over at the Atlanta airport and...that doesn't count.:)I have heard Savannah is a beautiful and wonderful place.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I lived in Savannah for four years as a girl~ I hope to return for a visit sometime!

  4. Thanks for sharing Savannah with us! I have always wanted to visit there. Now I know I just HAVE to!

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