Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good old wooden boxes love them

I have always liked old pretty boxes. I have several tucked away in my storage room waiting to come out and play, but I have just been to busy running around doing fun things and some not so fun but had to do it anyway. Enough said about excuses.
I mentioned in my previous post that I always wanted pretty little books when I was a little girl playing in my grandparents old barn I guess I was 2dn & 3rd grade. I really liked boxes back them I carried an old pencil box out to the barn with me to carry my pretend treasure. I always wanted old jewelry that I my grandmother had to put in the box but I knew better than to ask. I have the old wooden jewelry box that my grandmother used back then. I think it was an old candy box darn it wish I had taken a picture of it to show. I found that box yesterday when I was  downstairs looking for something else. I brought it up and  I am  going to use it on my desk for a while.

This is an old dresser box it is the biggest one I have ever had just love the inside. I think I should line it with velvet.


It looks funny outside on top of my new serving pieces. LOL. I mean my head vases. I thought the light would be better outside.\

   This is the top where it has looks like cherries engraved in the wood.


Look at those compartments I can really put little treasures in this box.


I stood it up so you can see how tall it is not yard long but long.


I have mentioned my great Aunt Ollie well here is one of her bowls I have.I found it when looking for something else. Isn't that how it works for you?  It is setting on an old jar full old old wooden spools. I think these are unusual to me anyway. I have lots of clark spools see what you think maybe you know what these are.            I can't get rid of this yellow streak?                                                     
                                                      Corona love the red lettering

Pollack & Co New York maybe they came from the garments district wouldn't that be nice. i will pretend that is where they came from and some famous seamstress used these.

I poured them out in aunt Ollie's bowl to get a better look.

     What about this cute guy? It use to be on a cheese plate and of course i broke it because it was so cute anyway I couldn't throw away the little mouse so I glued it with E-6000  glue which will hold anything together. Really I was using it for a bird feeder plate and the squirrels knocked it off my shelf on my wooden fence.



She is soooooooooo cute

And of course her little jar is full of treasures to make altered art necklaces and bracelets.    

 Here is a couple angel candle things. I don't know what they are called they slip over a long taper candle. My Mom got them from Avon back in 1983 and I know that because they are dated. I got them from my Mom when she was still alive I just loved them and ask her if I could please have them.


They are setting in a bowl of old salt dips I have collected from different auctions and estate sales . sometimes I would just find one or two but after a while you get a whole bowl full.

Here is an old ornate brown grantitware   coffee pot I got at an auction the one where I was telling the story about my friend Betty went with me just to be going and I bought so much stuff she had to get in the car and I packed things all around her and under her feet. I had a real small car at the time. Bless her heart she was so much fun that day. She has Alzheimer's now and lives in Texas close to her daughter.

Isn't this spout beautiful? So ornate just love it. I really enjoy my stuff





  1. Nice collection of treasures. I also like the Flemish burnt wood box. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  2. Loved the story about your grandma's jewelry box. I, too, have a wooden box that was my grandma's. When she passed and I was asked what I would like to have as a momento it was the one thing I thought of. She kept fancy hankies in it and would let me play with them and wrap them around my Barbies like evening dresses.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of an old memory. I may have to pull that box out and do a post about it myself!

  3. Beautiful things! I'm crazy about that granite coffeepot. so glad you linked up to VIF!

  4. What lovely things....and I'm with you! I LOVE that old wooden box. So sweet and special. I'll bet Mary Englebreit would realllly love it!


  5. Yummy things! Especially that box. I have a large collection that belonged to my Mom but no boxes shaped like that one. Really love it.

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