Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rusty Treasures to Sell and play with

I am trying to clean out stuff for the annual flea market thing I do twice a year. I do this to clean out things I am tired of and sometimes I buy things just to sell. I don't consider myself a dealer, just a buyer, get tired of it, seller type person. If I did this to make money I would be in trouble.But I love it, its so exciting to buy new junk, and treasures. here is a few things I have ready to sell. it's funny sometimes I price all this stuff for days then say oh I can't get rid of that yet. Then friends come over and want certain things and I let them have them.



These signs were and still are dirty but I'm not cleaning them up afraid it will take away the vintage look.
I just love this old GROCERIES sign, they are all  pretty neat really, and of course they look better in person. I hope someone will want them to display in their shop or studio.

How about an ironstone platter fulls up crusty rusty drawer pulls?


This violet candy dish would look so pretty in a all white room with pearls hanging out over the side, maybe in a violet bedroom on a dresser. Just happen to know someone with a violet bedroom.


                                      Rust anyone?

I just love all this crusty old stuff. I had a lot of it in an old cigar box to use for altered art projects. I am keeping that little door handle plate to put on an old book.

How cute is this ? I am going to lay some of my rhinestone jewelry in this little painters tray.


These are hand made stamps, they are metal and can't really tell what they are, they are on old pieces of wood. I thought they were so cute and since I have boxes of stamps I use in my altered art cards I make, I had to have these.          keepers

Can you make our what they say? I can't
This is part of an old wooden butter churn. I just love the wheel.
Oh yes and metal boxes, just think of all the stuff we store in these. I have a couple i am selling that are solid rust, they need sanded off and hang some old lace on the handles.

All of this stuff  is in my kitchen waiting to be carried out to the garage. I carry it in to price it, then carry it back out to the garage. Then when I load up my car to take it out to the flea market I forget a lot of it. I did that last year. Makes me so mad t. so I am really trying to get organized, lump it all together.

Now us look at some pretties. Pretty to me anyway. This is a door knob I stuck some items in added a little pink ribbon. Seen this in somerset magazine recently.
This is a cute card , if I say so myself. I gave her a little crown of rhinestones and put a charm in her hand.
next one is also cute , its in the inside of a altered book I made . I want this dress form.
Here is the outside of the book.

Another thing I glued on a page.
OK now for more fun things. Love this pink bracelet.& earring set, I got it at a yard sale just this week.

Wouldn't these be great painted pink or white?   
         This is an old book binder I bought to use for altered art.
can't you just see this all decorated up with lace and goodies?
any teachers out there? here is some cute vintage readers. I love old vintage book, these are dated 1964.
            Well one more piece of ironstone I ran across,  then I need to get busy caring all this out to the garage and bring in another batch to get priced. This is just too much fun for one person.  



  1. I just walked in and sat down from painting ans saw this post.OMG OMG You need to put this stuff on Etsy. I actually love the drawer pulls! What are they priced at?


  2. Ooooo! love the treasures over here.
    I really adore the galvanized wire metal basket, I have a thing for them like most!

    I can see I am going to enjoy my visits with you!

    Thank you for your dear comment on my Painted Poetry signs :)

    see you soon

  3. I love your new found bounty. The metal stamps are my favorite. I can read part of them. If I had a full shot of each one, I think that I could tell you what they say. One say 'Fresh from the Hills.' I spied 'Ozark... I am a clay artist. These could be fun to use for slab built items. Are you going to sell these? Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. Cherry Kay

  4. Cherry Kay

    Thanks for your interest, yes I will sell them. I will send you measurements and prices, I am not home at this time, but should be able to this evening.


  5. Thanks for your visit,-
    you have great stuff,here.

  6. Your stuff is great!! How much is the grocery sign? and do you mail out? I NEED it on my pantry door!

  7. Janice,
    I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today - because it led me to your wonderful blog! You and I have similar tastes, I think. You have so many beautiful things! I love your collection of ironstone. I'm glad you decided to keep it rather than sell. I do the same thing all the time - have good intentions to sell, but then fall in love with it myself.

    Stay in touch!

  8. What alot of neat stuff you have collected! I have also been going through my things, trying to make room for some new! It can be so hard to part with stuff sometimes but feels good too!

    I love your cool drawer pulls, and I have those same switchplates in my house too! I painted them in bronze.

    thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, what a stash, those grocery signs are yummy. I can see why you like them. The "stamps" look like letterpress plates(I used to work for a printer)
    so you probably could use them as stamps, but you won't get the whole image. Try them in one of your altered books!!! Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. Glad I found you back. xox Corrine

  10. Soo many beautiful staffs you have and how nice that you visited me.


  11. Oh love your post....
    Am I lucky that you surfed to me...because now I found yours.....
    Oh love that old plates you have.....Oh are you going to sell I right??
    And love the cards and love even the rust;0)
    So thanks for this lovely post and fine weekend

  12. Hello Janice,
    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog.
    I see you have a lot of beautiful things to sell. I really love those signs.
    The painting I see on your blog, what you titled: my favorite painting, Is so beautiful!
    Well, I wish you good luck on the flea market, and hope you'll have a great weekend.
    Hugs Ester

  13. You have some great treasures - wish I could go to your flea market! Try holding the stamps in front of the mirror to see what they say. Good luck with your sale!

  14. Hi Janice,
    I could use some of those switch plates painted white here. Just back from Home Depot and I forgot to pick some up.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, you made me giggle. Don't know how you could look at my blog everyday but I thank you for making me feel good and letting me know. I've been tossing around an idea in my head about someone that was particularly nice to me during a hard time here in town and thought I just want to poke my head in their store one day and say thanks for being so nice during those times. I'm passing on the feelings you shared with me and will stop in and let them know. You're sweet and I appreciate it!
    Happy weekend,

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment about the give away for Beth. You have quite some nice vintage stuff yourself! Sorry that I live to far away otherwise I sure would have visited your sale (and bought a few things!).

    Have a lovely weekend,

  16. I adore that Alcohol sign. I just bought an old license plate recently and that would go so well with it. OK, that sounds like I'm doing a drinking and driving theme - meant they are very similar in style. Good luck on your sale!

  17. Wow! You really hit the jackpot! So happy you visited me, that way I found you!!

  18. Hi Janice. My sister covered a bunch of those old binders with neat paper...script, map of Paris, etc.I haven't put anything in them yet...but they looks so pretty on my office shelves. Still...I have too much stuff! Need to have a sale myself someday! Trish

  19. Cool things, hope your sale goes well. And I have that dress form in that add, it is setting in my bedroom. Look through my old posts , bedroom redo and you will see it, has the cage skirt and all. It is a piece I found years ago before old dress forms were in high demand. I won't sell it now as they are to hard to come by.

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