Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Went shopping in 1950 Spiegel catalog

This is so much fun to look through old catalogs to see what people were buying back in 1950. I bought this  catalog at an auction and just love seeing what women were wearing and shopping for.

I can just see me wearing one of these long flowing gowns they look so soft.

I really like these long sleek dresses and the fur accessories. Before I can get in these I need some new under garments.

Ok now if these aren't your style us try these.

Can you imagine wearing all this stuff under your dress on these past hot summer days when the heat index was 110 up?

Oh yes these would have been cooler and more comfortable  don't you think?    Now  us find another dress or two.
Notice how yellow these pages are in this catalog, discolored due to age .

I like all of these I would wear them  with a cute pair of lace up the ankle sandals and some pearls and struck. I wouldn't wear the little hat unless I was going to a wedding or church. 

Now we are dressed up with our gloves on. Very sheik.


                 I really like this picture. Ok now a mother daughter picture.

                                     Ok now we need some new shoes.         

What fun shoes, reminds me of Florida beaches. My grandmother had shoes similar to these. My grandparents did the Florida beach thing. 

Does your baby need shoes? We can find some i'm sure.

I am in love with this little hand bag so darn cute. Ok now for baby shoes.
I buy baby shoes when I can find them. I just think they are adorable. I made a few into pin cushions.

                                          Now us see what else I took a picture of I forgot.

Now do you need a new sofa ? Check these out

            I forgot we need under slips to go over our girdles and lace up things.                                      

Here is a picture of a covered dish to match all my brown & white ironstone dishes from my last post. I found it in my high boy , I put dishes every where.

A few little flowers left over from the wedding reception I went to Saturday evening. Till next time hope you enjoy all these pictures I do get carried away .   
I forgot this picture for Mike & Frank on American Pickers, they are always digging up old bicycles these were in the 1950 Spiegel catalog

I am sure they read my blog so hope they like these pictures.


  1. I love the pictures from the's just a few years older than me...uhoh! Hope I am holding up as well. My favorite was the page of shoes!!! Use to hate to wear my brown and white saddle oxfords, but now see they are precious. Good post!

  2. What a fun old catalog! Love love that covered dish in the brown transfer ware. Let me know if you do a piece of furniture and trim it in buttons. I would love to see a picture.

  3. Those girdles are so funny. It must have taken them forever to get dressed!!! ~~Sherry~~

  4. How fun it is to see these pics-I really appreciate you sharing them with all of us!