Saturday, September 25, 2010

More flea Market Treasures

I dug around in the garage and found a suit case with a few more iron pieces and other things i already had packed.

I think these little stoves are so cute and since rust is all the craze now they really fit in. and this old pulley I can think of a few things to use it for.

Looks like I am cooking up some costume jewelry on my little stove.

Knock Knock who's there? Any body need a door knob?

Baby shoe iron I have another one already packed somewhere i seen it yesterday.

Hears something I just absolutely love, costume jewelry. I have lots of it and use it for my altered art books & cards. I have my Mother's jewelry box and also my Grandmothers jewelry box full. I don't use their jewelry for projects but sure love looking through them once in a while and remembering when they wore the jewelry.
Here is a couple tins I found with broken jewelry and odd pieces in I will sell at the flea market. I have plenty and might as well share.


    Guess what this next picture is . 

It is so pretty, and it's silk .
                                   It's a real pretty box purse.

This is an Oriental black silk jacket . I realize now I should have got a closer picture the little blue birds on it is just adorable.The tag says Health and under that Shanghai China. Now for a wooden Oriental doll I got at an estate sale of a lady who I knew who use to have a china import shop.

Look at its joint I think they are hand craved they interlock and move.However one foot was broke off when I bought it. I guess it's a boy doll.
with out pants so you can see the leg & foot joints.
                                                        Little hand.

Now some doll suit cases and baby clothes .



Those were baby dresses. This is my all time favorite doll dress. she has a little bonnett attached  to it with a safety pin on the shoulder.
OK now this is a quilt I am giving someone for their Birthday , she wanted an old quilt to put in her car for picnics. Then I made her a Birthday cake. She is coming over after this afternoon , then i will surprise her. It's a tied quilt old cotton .

    I got these candles at Pier 1. aren't they cute also I got the matching paper plates and napkins they say eat more cake.                                                              
It is sitting on one of my mothers'cake plates.       

One last picture today. I bought this at a yard sale this week . I am going to paint it white and put some little faded pink candles in it and add lots of prisms of course. I will post a picture when i get it completed.                                                                            




  1. I just can't get over this wonderful stash of goodies you have hiding in your garage! I don't know if I would be able to part with them but I also know I would have a quite a delemma in where to display them all. Good luck with your sale. I hope you will show us pictures of your setup.

  2. To keep, or not to keep, that is the question. I have a hard time with giving something away or to sale something. Love all of the doll items especially the pretty doll clothes. Thanks for the eye candy. Decgal

  3. Cool treasures! I especially like the old doll suit cases. My sister was cleaning out her garage today and is sending me some of her "extra" treasures. I'm convinced they just have better sale by her. Can't hardly wait.

  4. Hi there,
    What a bunch of great treasures! Really liking the doll suitcases and clothes- I have a few myself and love to decorate with them! Thanks for linking this up to Feathered Nest Friday! Stop by again soon! :)

  5. Wow, you've got amazing treasures there! I also love all the rusty things from your last post!

  6. Love those doll suitcases and the tins full of jewelry. What a bunch of fun! Thanks for linking in to VIF.

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