Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back In Time clocks

These are my sweet little clocks that I love.The rhinestone faces are my favorite. I always look for them at estate sales and auctions. You know I never see them either. They must all be in hiding. The pink rhinestone clock is a baby ben westclox and the real little gold one is a phinney-walker. I have an old travel clock that is phinney - walker.

        This tall one I got at an estate sale of course. It is so orante and beautiful. It is on  one my books cases with a few books.

 The book on the bottom of the stack America's Glorious Quilts is so good. The pictures are beautiful. I use to go to Paducah Kentucky every year to the national quilt show. There was people there from all over the world. There was always ladies from japan who entered a quilt.
I know we always went out to the big Hancock fabric store. One year there was a contest between  a group of ladies, of who could buy the most fabric. well more than one lady bought a $1000.00 worth of fabric. I bet it is still stacked in her sewing studio to, don't you?
The ladies from Japan bought complete bolts to have shipped back to there home town.
That reminds me of an estate sale I went to back years ago , I guess the first one where I spent lots of money $300 it was lots of money to me. Anyway  she had a sewing room in an attached building to her house. she had this sewing lady sew drapes, chair covers. clothing and there was enough material at that sale to open a quilt shop today. It was so much fun. I still have an old tin Santa candy mold I got at that sale. a friend Betty went with me and I had a small nissan car , anyway I had every space packed with items I bought that day. I told Betty to get in the car and I packed dishes, materail and every other thing I could get all around her under her feet. It was so much fun. we laughed about that for a long time. She said she was not going to be left there  so she let me pack her in also. Betty lives in Plano Texas today.          

  This is a lady pin cushion in an old jar turned upside down. I don't know why the picture is so dark I should have turned on a light .

     This beautiful lady is a bed lamp.I love her old satin dress even though it's torn. I laid one of my tiara on her skirt. She is larger than the china pin cushion ladies.I am sure you have seen them at antique shops sitting around with all the dresser things. She is about 12 or 13 inches tall.

Here is the other picture of my books I was wanting to show.Julia's book then letters to Bess Truman from Harry. Magnolia Pearls book, French General books which I am crazy about. I love that red material she has in her book. There is an old Charles Dixon book dated 1938 . Did you see my Paula Deen Christmas books? Not 1 but 2 . They are real small books.  Red and love them.
I am planning a trip to Savannah Georgia next month.
Well girls till next post see you.                                                                                                                                                                         


  1. I love that cute pink rhinestone clock...
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful items...

    Until the next time...take care!

  2. Love your clock collection! I love old clocks, but never realized how wonderful they look clustered together like that! I also fell in love with all of your flower frogs. Wow! I recently bought some at a flea market and have some b&w photos of my hubby and me in the them! Have a happy WW!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

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